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Movie: The Warrior

Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: Srinivas Silver Screen

Cast: Rampothini, Aadhi Panisheti, Kriti Shetty, Nadia, Akshara Gowda and others

Music: Devi Sriprasad

DOP: Sujit Vasudevi

Dialogues: Sai Madhav Barhi

Editor: Naveen Nolik

Production Design: DY Satya Narayan.

Presenter: Pawan Kumar

Producer: Srinivas Chittori

Written and Directed by: N. linguism

Release date: 14 July 2022

One film that has created the right buzz and hype in recent times with its songs and promos is “The Warrior”. The song “Bullit” went viral. With Tamil director N Lingusamy directing the film, it has piqued my curiosity. Has the film lived up to all the expectations?

let’s find out.


A young doctor in Kurnool, Satya (Rampothini) soon learns that the evil guru (Aadhi Panisheti) controls the entire city.

When Satya complains about Guru at the police station, he also learns that the police are too weak to help the people here.

When Satya confronts Guru directly, the miscreant beats up the doctor. Satya’s mother (Nadiya) takes her injured son to another city. Two years later, Satya is back in town. This time as an IPS officer!

The rest of the drama is Satya versus Guru.


Ram Pothineni has never played the role of a cop in his career. As a doctor turned police officer, he does an impeccable job. He is in his own form. He shows a clear distinction between his two avatars – the doctor and the policeman.

Adi Panisheti gives a believable performance in the role of the evil Guru.

Kriti Shetty gets a lovely role as a radio jockey, but her role doesn’t give much importance to the story. She complements Ram a lot with her dance.

Nadia is fine. Brahmaji gets a remarkable vision.

Technical Skills:

Devi Shree Prasad’s music is a great asset. The catchy songs – “Bullet” and “Whistle” helped immensely in the proceedings. Sai Madhav Bora leaves his mark in few dialogues. The camera work and production design and values ​​are good.

Main characteristics:

Ramapothini’s job as a policeman

dsp songs

Kriti Shetty’s kidnapping scene


regular story

climax and final scene

story of prophecy


Director Lingusamy’s Telugu directorial debut starring Ram follows the regular theme of the action drama. The story is nothing new except that Ram turns from a doctor to a police officer.

The introduction of Adi Pinishetti is interesting. For every kill he plants a tree. The camera zooms past a vast forest to prove his murderous antics. Such scenes have initially created a novelty in the action drama.

Initially a fun romantic drama between a radio jockey (Kriti) and a doctor (Ram) makes the action worth watching. Although the confrontation between Rama and Adi Panisheti is regular, the opening parts grab our attention.

The trouble with this predictable story is that director Lingusamy hasn’t added any new twists after the interval. It is a simple battle between a hero and a villain.

Everyone knows that the hero will win against the villain in the end. So, what is sensation? Enthusiasm is needed when the clash between the two armies disappears here in the second half.

The only highlight of the second half of the film is Kriti Shetty’s kidnapping scene. The tense moments are terrifyingly written, acted and directed. Beyond that, the rest of the film follows the expected lines – a battle between heroes and villains.

Lingusamy portrays Rama as a cop in his toughest avatar, but he should have added more spice in the later parts.

The backdrop of Kurnool, a rioter controlling the entire city, a police officer on a stampede… none of this is new to the Telugu audience. Perhaps, director Lingusamy thought that turning a doctor into an IPS officer to fix an injured system could bring a new twist in the genre at large. Had I put a little energy in the last part, it would have been a different matter.

Despite three great songs, a highly animated performance by Ram and some interesting scenes, the film lacks the ‘fire’ needed to entertain on such a massive scale.

In short, “The Warrior” is similar to the famous Ragi Sankti of Rayalaseema but this Sankti is not served with ‘Kodi Kaur’ but with Sambar or Chutney. So the spice is missing. It is edible, but not quite as tasty.

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