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The 5 Best YouTube Channels for Class 10 Students

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Your homework doesn’t need to be a chore. With this list of the 5 best YouTube channels for class 10 students, you can learn about subjects that interest you, discover new information about subjects you’re studying in school, and enjoy learning without any pressure to memorize facts that might not seem important now but will definitely come in handy later on! You’ll learn how to develop positive study habits and get the most out of your time studying with these fun, informative YouTube channels for students. These channels will also help you get ahead of your classmates who are just studying from their textbooks alone!

Tedx Talks (General/Interesting topics)

  1. There\’s something for everyone on Tedx Talks. Whether you’re interested in history, science, or current events, there’s a Tedx Talk for you. 2. Tedx Talks are a great way to learn about new and interesting topics in a short amount of time. 3. The speakers are usually experts in their field, so you can be sure you\’re getting accurate information. 4. The videos are usually high quality and well-produced, so you can focus on the content without being distracted by poor production values.

Khan Academy (Math/Science)

Khan Academy is a great resource for students who want to brush up on their math and science skills. The videos are short and to the point, and they offer a variety of practice problems to help you retain what you’ve learned. Plus, the Khan Academy app makes it easy to watch videos on the go.

Crash Course (English Grammar)

If you’re looking to improve your English grammar skills, then you should definitely check out Crash Course. With over 10 million subscribers, Crash Course is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. The channel offers a variety of videos on topics such as parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation. Plus, the videos are short and to the point, so you won’t get bored watching them.

Harvard University (History, Economics etc.)

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard has a long and storied history. Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. The university has produced many notable alumni, including eight U.S. presidents. If you\’re a class 10 student looking for an Ivy League education, Harvard is the school for you.

TED-Ed (Math & Science Videos With Lesson Explanations).

  1. As a class 10 student, you\’re likely to be facing a lot of new and challenging material in math and science. 3. That\’s why we recommend TED-Ed as the best YouTube channel for you. 4. Their videos are high quality and provide clear explanations of complex concepts. 5. Plus, they have a huge variety of topics covered, so you\’re sure to find something that interests you.

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