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The people of Britain are waiting for the new Prime Minister, whose government this time?

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In the age of social media and hashtags, politicians are also making full use of digital platforms to connect with people. The name of the Prime Minister will be decided soon by the Conservative Party in Britain. All the leaders involved in this race are spreading their political message of three words. All the leaders have come up with short but catchy slogans of just three words. Boris Johnson has resigned as party chief, and the process of naming a new prime minister is underway. Meanwhile, a Johnson slogan is circulating in the minds of new candidates, which once proved to be an effective prescription for them. In fact, the slogan was ‘Get Brexit Done’ and with this slogan, Johnson drew people’s attention.

Whose government this time?

This helped them win the 2019 general election. He rightly acknowledged the public frustration with the delay in implementing the 2016 referendum decision by British voters to leave the European Union (EU). So he put forward a short and charming slogan and presented his promise to the people in a simple manner. When this method and slogan came to fruition, the candidates in this race for the PM’s job have now repeated the same old idea. That is why most of the candidates have prepared a three-word campaign message for the election campaign.

‘Small and effective’

Before the second round of voting on Thursday, all six people on the field have a very catchy, short but powerful election slogan to prove their case. Indian-origin leader Rishi Sink, who won the most votes in the first round of voting on Wednesday (the process of finalizing the name of the Prime Minister), chanted the slogan “Ready for Rishi”.

Penny Modrant, who finished second in the first round, also expressed confidence in the short slogan ‘PM4PM’. Liz Truss, who finished third, took the lease for the leader, while Kemi Bedinok tried to strengthen her claim in the race with Kemi for the Prime Minister. Where Tom Tugendhat made ‘Tom a Clean Start’, Suella Braverman bet on ‘Suella4Leader’.


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