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It is common to have a burning sensation burning after lipo. You may have felt severe numbness at first, but now it may burn or tickle. These symptoms should be taken advantage of by massaging the affected area. Starting with a very light touch, move towards the massage.

The nerves damaged during the operation are being retrained. Tell your doctor right away if you notice any changes or redness in your skin after liposuction in Dubai. After liposuction and tummy tuck, a feeling of rash is normal. Patients reported symptoms of “burning, trembling, goosebumps and itching.”

Sensory Nerves

The procedure enlarges and damages your sensory nerves. Although temporary, this feeling can last for months. Massage this area twice a day. Once your senses return to normal, don’t put anything too hot or too cold on your stomach. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your compression. As a general rule, patients should wear compression garments for six weeks. However, each surgeon has a different approach to postoperative care and training.

After liposuction, these pains and sensations are completely normal. In general, everything is part of the healing process. Let’s say you check your PS regularly at your post-surgery follow-up visit and you don’t have any other health problems. in this matter. In this case, massage can help soften the scar tissue in these areas and speed up the healing process.

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Patients are often advised to massage the surgical site with a hand-held device every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes.

After Liposuction

burning after lipo, short-term burning may occur. Perhaps the nerves were pampered. Actually, everyone heals in a unique way. Compared to most patients, you experience more pain after liposuction, but it will pass. Massage can be helpful.

If your skin is healthy, the irritation should go away.

It is common to have a burning sensation after liposuction. You may have felt severe numbness at first, but now it may burn or tickle. A local massage with moisturizing lotion is very helpful. Starting with a very light touch, move towards the massage. The nerves damaged during the operation are being retrained. Tell your doctor right away if you notice any changes or redness in your skin. Inflammatory medications such as motor or aloe vera can often be very helpful. If your doctor allows it, try it for a week in a row.

After the initial postpartum period, any pain requires caution. Massage or ultrasound therapy is usually helpful and can stop the cycle of pain before it gets out of control. Medicines like neurotransmitters are needed at this time. In any case, keep in close contact with your doctor. If you are still experiencing these symptoms after three months, it is not normal. Keep cool and gently rub the lotion into each area. You can soothe those irritated nerves with this and regular treatment time.

Temporary changes in sensation are normal after any surgical procedure.

Numbness and possibly burning is common burning after lipo. Dysesthesia or hyperesthesia – that’s it. It looks like a nerve injury. Damaged nerves heal slowly. This may take some time. Massage helps to “burn” the sensory changes in the affected areas. If the problem is severe, medications can sometimes help. Just as the skin heals after surgery, stretched, damaged or severed sensory nerves can cause various sensations such as burning or itching. He will eventually calm down, but it may take weeks or months for things to return to normal. Most patients agree that my recommendations for massaging these areas help. How long you should wear the gown varies from patient to patient and is largely up to the discretion of your surgeon. When you talk to them, they will give you a plan.

Burning sensation after liposuction

That’s fine, yes. Typically, the discomfort felt for a few weeks after liposuction is described as the “muscle burning” that can occur during vigorous exercise. In general, it will get better with time.

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But if it is not too painful, you should continue to wear compression stockings (in which case you should talk to your surgeon). Suppose you still feel that the pain is too much for you. In this case, it is recommended that you schedule a follow-up appointment with your surgeon so that he or she can monitor your recovery and address any concerns you may have about controlling your discomfort.

Sensitivity to liposuction

Burning, tightness and itching are common after liposuction. However, these sensations bother most patients, usually as a result of nerve healing after your treatment.

your normal sensory nerves are damaged

Given and stretched during liposuction, fighting inflammation.

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  • This sensation can persist for months, however.
  • Light massage can help numb the touched areas.

In case of severe pain, it is recommended to contact the operating surgeon for diagnosis. It’s important to have a personal checkup with a doctor to make sure everything is going well, even if the surgeon comes in to make a diagnosis and claims it’s a normal part of the healing process.

Feelings Change After Liposuction

During these operations, changes in sensation occur very often. These changes can cause tingling and numbness, irritability, and even irritability. In most cases, these symptoms are mild and disappear after a few weeks or months as the body recovers. It is perfectly normal to experience numbness in your back or abdomen after liposuction. Inflammation has something to do with it. Massage, especially ultrasound, can speed up healing, but time will be your biggest ally.

After liposuction, the patient may feel a burning sensation. This is a natural response to the healing process. Tissues form inside the scar; The patient does not see it, but can feel it. If the patient presses on the external scar after five weeks, he or she will also feel pain. Ibuprofen or Advil will relieve many of these symptoms, which are an internal signal that the body is recovering.

Burning after lipo is completely normal. Patients often feel better for several months after liposuction while wearing compression clothing. Clothing should be worn until the irritation is gone, although it is safer to do so as it will reduce swelling.

Sensory changes are expected after any type of surgery.
Sensory changes are expected after any type of surgery. These can range from numbness and tingling to discomfort and burning in the case of liposuction. These sensations are a side effect of the procedure on the underlying nerves.

These types of symptoms often last for ten to twelve weeks after surgery. In general, things get better during this time. By the time the situation improves, he will be completely fine.

Average Week After Burning Liposuction

After liposuction, the patient may experience various sensations, including burning. These symptoms should be investigated by a surgeon, but they are usually normal. Liposuction causes temporary nerve damage, which leads to irritation. It will improve with time. Massage can help reduce tissue swelling, soften scar tissue, and relieve pain in sensitive skin.

Itching and pain after liposuction

There is often pain and itching after liposuction. Speak with the surgeon to determine whether the patient has cellulitis or infection. Otherwise, the best explanation would be very sensitive nerves, which will begin to rebalance within a few weeks after the operation. As scar tissue develops and matures under the skin, itching, burning, stretching, or tightness is relatively common for several months after surgery.


Any body modeling procedure can damage sensory nerves. Most likely, the discomfort that patients experience is short-lived and disappears as soon as their nerves heal. If a patient experiences any discomfort after liposuction in Dubai, they should speak to the doctor and the rest of the team and set out their recommendations. Ask them to demonstrate the proper massage technique. This usually helps to relieve the pain.

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