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Sawan 2022: Holy Shravan month is starting from today, worship like this to please Lord Bholenath

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Sawan 2022 First: The month of Shravana, dedicated to the beginning of the universe and the infinite Lord Shiva, begins today (July 14). The month of Sawan is very important for the devotees of Bolenath. It is a religious belief that in the month of Sawan, every wish of those who lawfully worship Bolenath and Mother Parvati will be fulfilled. Shiva is considered to be a quick and happy deity. In such a situation, by true-hearted devotion to the Lord of the Gods, one is freed from all troubles.

It is considered very auspicious to perform Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shankar in the month of Sawan. According to Pandit Naveen Upadhyay, a resident of Indore, recitation of Rudraphisheka and Ramacharitmanas of Bolenath performed according to rules and regulations throughout the month of Shravan is very fruitful. And they further say that Rama considers Shiva as his favorite and Lord Shiva as his favorite. In such a situation, it is beneficial to complete the recitation of Ramcharitmanas in the Masparayan manner in the month of Shravana to please Bolenath.

Rudraphishekam should be performed to please Mahadeva in the month of Sawan. By doing Rudrabhishekam, all the doshas of the horoscope will be removed. If one has Kala Sarpa Dosha, Sandal Dosha, Grahana Dosha or Pitra Dosha in one’s horoscope, Rudrapishekam will remove these doshas. Mahadasa or Antara dasa of any malefic planet is removed by Rudrabhishekam.

Consider this object of worship

To please Bolenathar, puja items include flowers, five fruits, five nuts, gems, gold, silver, Dakshina, puja utensils, curd, curd, pure ghee, honey, Ganga water, holy water, Pancha rasam, and perfume. Kantha roli, moli Janu, Pancha candy, bilvapatra, datura, jute, plum, mango blossom, barley hairs, tulsi dal, Mandar flower, raw cow’s milk, cane juice, camphor, incense, deep, cotton, Malaya Giri, sandalwood, shiva and Mother Parvati’s make-up, etc. are featured.

Worship Lord Bolenath like this

In the month of Sawan, one should wake up early in the morning and clean the temple by taking bath etc. After that, light the lamp and perform sandalwood tilak in front of Bolenathar.

In the month of Sawan, it is very beneficial to visit the Shiva temple and perform Jalabhishekam to Shiva. For this, remember to go to a Shiva temple, bathe in the Shiva lingam and mix Gangajal and milk in the water.

After this, tie the Shiva Lingam and Mata Parvati 7 times with red colored compound. Remember that only married women and men can tie the gala.

Apply sandalwood tilak to the god, not red, yellow sandalwood. A favorite of Shiva.

Beel leaves and Dadura are offered to Shiva in the month of Sawan and it is believed that the Lord is very pleased with this.

In what manner should worship be done on the first day of Sawan?

Today is the first day of Sawan. In such a situation, you should worship Shiva in any Shiva temple or at home. Offer Neem leaves and water to Lord Shiva during worship. This will fulfill all your wishes.

Ritual of Rudrabhishekam

First do Ganesh Puja

Before performing Rudrabhishekam, Lord Ganesha should be worshiped first. After that, after installing the Kalasha and worshiping the Kalasha, it is considered best to start the Rudrabhishekam. According to rituals, worship of the main deity is performed last. To perform Rudraphishekam, first meditate on Lord Shiva with flowers in hand. After that, offer flowers at Lord Shiva’s feet. Then the god should be bathed.

Water should be poured four times while bathing the Lord. During this, one should first wash the Lord’s feet, wash his hands, do arkya, and keep in mind that all the parts of the Lord are bathed.

Bathe with Panchamirta

Bathe the Lord four times and bathe with Panchamirta. Pandit Naveen Upadhyay says that Panchamirtham is associated with Pancha Mahatattva. Just as our body is made up of fire, air, earth, water and sky, the five ingredients of Panjamrita are related to these five elements. While doing Panchamirtha Sanam, one should first bathe with milk, then curd, then ghee, honey and pure water.

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