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Seafood for Diabetes. It is often said that the treasure of health is hidden in the lap of nature, but we do not know how to use it properly. There are also many creatures in the sea that we eat, which we call seafood or seafood. Many people like to eat seafood, but do you know that if it is not cooked properly then it can be harmful to your health and if it is cooked properly then it can also affect your health. Is.

Seafood is rich in essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, omega-3s etc. These are very good for health. Let\’s find out how to eat and prepare seafood that benefits diabetics.

Salmon is the perfect combination of flavor and health benefits. It is very tasty to eat. Nutrients are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. But before cooking salmon, cut it into small pieces. It is also good to drink water with lemon.

Soak the shell in salt and water before cooking. Salt is harmful for diabetes. You can also add bay leaves instead of salt, it will increase the benefit and taste.

Tuna is a popular seafood that can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. Tuna is usually stored in oil. Because of this it contains a lot of fat, but for diabetics to eat tuna, it should be kept in water and not in oil, this removes extra calories from tuna.

Lobsters are high in cholesterol. Despite the low fat content, diabetics can eat shrimp once a week. But it should be cooked in less oil, otherwise it will get spoiled.

Tilapia is low in fat and high in protein. Use less oil while cooking, use non-stick pan or kadhai instead of regular utensils. Less oil required. You can avoid excess fat.


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