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Sarees are the most adaptable texture. You can coordinate them with lots of embellishments, shirts, coats and the sky is the limit from there. Aside from this, you can likewise utilize different curtain styles to make a novel search in the group. Shockingly, you can switch a saree into a delightful tights over completely to get a custom look. Is it true or not that you are thinking about how to make saree lehenga? Simply sit back and relax; I am here to examine the ways of changing over saree into lehenga. How about we plunge!

You can transform your saree into a lovely tights by hanging it distinctively and adding a dazzling dupatta to your outfit. On the other hand, you can take the sari fabric and flawlessly line the piece of clothing to forever change over it into a lehenga.

How to change over saree into lehenga?

Since you definitely realize that a saree can be transformed into a lehenga, the time has come to buckle down. You will require a sewing and fitting experience to make a wonderful lehenga out of an old saree. This can be the most effective way to reuse your saree and make something new and totally unique.

Prior to hopping into the cycle, we should investigate the fixings expected to make a saree legging.

  • Scissors
  • Estimating tape
  • Chalk for garments
  • Sewing machine
  • Any saree
  • A few ornamental things (discretionary)

At the point when you have all the previously mentioned material, you are prepared to sew saree lehenga. Presently we should continue on toward learning the sewing system.


Formation of Astar

  • Slice the texture to get 2 meters estar for your lehenga.
  • Presently crease the astar fifty and overlap the collapsed side towards you.
  • Presently you really want to make a triangle of texture for the subsequent stages. In this way, snatch one finish of the collapsed piece and hold the opposite end slantingly inverse the astar to make a triangle.
  • Then, flip around the texture.
  • We will take every one of the estimations from the vertex of the triangle. Thus, measure 8.5 creeps from the top and imprint the bend.
  • Presently put the estimating tape up and stamp the 37 inch on the edge of the texture.
  • Keeping the top as the turn point, roll the tape in a circle around 3 crawls in front of the beginning stage to quantify 45 inches and mark the texture. Rehash the cycle until you have wrapped up denoting the whole texture. At last, interface every one of the focuses to get a bended line on the texture.
  • Presently slice the texture as per the directions we made before.
  • Take the additional texture and sew it over the first assuming you think some material is absent.
  • Presently your estar is prepared and now is the right time to continue with the saree.

Saree Pattern and Stitching

  • Take around 2 meters of the saree and overlap it fifty.
  • Make a three-sided shape by holding one finish of the collapsed segment and the opposite end on the slantingly inverse side of the saree. This step is like how we managed estar above.
  • Presently hold the coating on the saree and imprint a bended line on it 2 crawls beneath the covering.
  • Then, at that point, get the ideal lehenga size by managing the estar and the saree at the 8.5″ mark.
  • You can leave the astar aside and open the saree to see its circle.
  • As of now, you can append different bands, sequined ties and so on to the saree if essential.
  • As an aide for sewing the bands, make bended lines around 4 inches separated.
  • Presently sew the bands and stripes as indicated by the recently drawn bearings. You can pick weighty ribbon for the lower part of your lehenga.
  • Then join the astar and the sari by sewing them together close to the midriff.
  • You will require a belt of around 5 inches made of sari. Presently crease the belt over an inch from every one of the four sides and line.
  • Then, at that point, sew a scarf around the midsection of the lehenga for a refined look.
  • Presently crease the belt a portion of an inch to make a rounded construction at the midriff.
  • Now is the right time to sew the remainder of the lehenga. Take the open piece of the lehenga and sew the astar independently. You will get a skirt-like thoroughly search in Astar.
  • At long last, you can fasten the saree and join your lehenga impeccably.
  • To give the last little detail to the lehenga, you can string the string through the abdomen tube.

Gracious! You have quite recently made your saree lehenga. So these were the moves toward sew saree at home and make lehenga. Allow us now to take a gander at alternate ways of changing over a saree into a lehenga.

How might we change over saree into lehenga without cutting it?

Some of you could imagine that sewing a saree lehenga implies harming it for eternity. I totally comprehend your interests and proposition you a “innocuous” way. Did you had any idea that you can wrap a saree like a lehenga without cutting the texture? Indeed, you read it right! Beneath you will track down every one of the subtleties to change over saree into lehenga without sewing or cutting. we should investigate!

1. Combination Game

vital fixings

  • two unique sarees
  • shirt
  • cancun skirt


  • Wear a shirt and skirt prior to hanging the saree like a lehenga.
  • Presently take a saree and bind its finish to the skirt.
  • Make a one inch wide crease in the sari and tie it in the skirt around the midriff. This will make a lehenga for you.
  • next you will require another saree To make a scarf. You should simply take a pallu and make slick folds.
  • Put the pallu on your shoulder, secure it with a self clasping pin and change the length.
  • Presently cross your chest along the length of the sari and arrive at till the mid rib.
  • Permit part of the texture to uninhibitedly hang.
  • Take the opposite end and make slick creases. Crease them in your back.
  • Presently make a wide crease from the leftover sari and wrap it up the midsection.
  • Embellish your look and complete your lehenga quickly.
  1. Exemplary Lehenga

You can make an exemplary lehenga with only one saree. This is the way you can make it happen.

  • To beat the exemplary lehenga look, you want a creator saree with a monochrome touch.
  • Wear a Cancun skirt and pullover prior to hanging the saree.
  • Take the saree and bind one finish to the skirt beneath the navel.
  • Continue to pivot the saree until you make a total circle around the midsection.
  • Presently take more material and crease around two inches. Tie it on your skirt.
  • Keep making more creases and integrating them with the skirt until you have made one more circle around the abdomen.
  • At long last, lift the pallu and present it.
  • Presently leave the free end on the left shoulder and make slick folds.
  • Secure the pallu by sticking it.
  • Presently take the whole texture close to the abdomen and pull it forward to show the boundary. Your exemplary lehenga is prepared to radiate in the city.
  1. Present day Lehenga

Might it be said that you are worn out on wearing customary lehengas? Allow me to share a better approach for hanging a saree to make a special lehenga look. Here are the means.

  • You want to pick your #1 silk saree from the closet.
  • Wear a pullover and Cancun skirt prior to hanging the saree like a lehenga.
  • Presently attach one finish of the silk saree to the skirt and continue to do this till you make a circle around the midsection.
  • With the assistance of the saree, make little creases of around two inches and tie them in the skirt so there is a turn around the midriff.
  • Place a piece of unclaimed fabric close to the pallu.
  • Make flawless folds from the excess texture and bind them to the skirt from the contrary side of the midsection. Your remarkable and current lehenga is prepared. Moreover, you can supplement the gathering with a sumptuous brocade scarf.

What number of garments do I want for a lehenga?

Since you have learned about changing over a saree into stockings, you might want to know how much texture is expected for it.

Frankly, the length of the lehenga relies heavily on the number of folds you that need to have in your outfit. You really want more texture for greater circumferences and more overlap. Additionally, the length of the garments relies upon your actual level.

In a perfect world, on the off chance that you are thin you can pick a texture that is around 4 meters in length to make the lehenga. On the other hand, you can take 5 meters of texture to sew a lehenga for a solid lady. Likewise, you can add more meters relying upon how much stream and overlap in the lehenga.

The Christmas season is thumping on our entryway. This is the best opportunity to be innovative and transform your saree into a ravishing lehenga to radiate every one of the elements. Since you have the most appropriate solution to the inquiry how would I make my own lehenga?, you’re prepared to sparkle any season.

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