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Working Trick – How To Delete Dhani Account | Close Dhani Account | 2022

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Did you know that you can delete your Dhani account? If you’re looking to close your Dhani account or would like to just delete one song or album from your collection, keep reading to learn how! We’ll also cover how to completely wipe out your Dhani account and everything associated with it, permanently. Our goal is to provide you with every single tool available to you in order to make sure your Dhani experience is the best possible one! And as always, if you ever have any questions about how anything works on our site, feel free to check out our Help Center .

About Dhani

Dhani is one of the greatest fintech applications established by Sameer Gehlaut back in 2017.

It offers individual advances to enlisted clients can be utilized to satisfy individual monetary necessities including wedding, home, training, medical services, vehicle, get-away.

It additionally offers online medical care administrations like web-based specialist discussions and furthermore convey prescriptions at their entryway steps.

It likewise offers various sorts of monetary administrations and items.

It’s application is accessible for both andriod and ios working frameworks.

It has in excess of 5 crores downloads and rating of 5 stars on playstore.

Basic Steps-How To Delete Dhani Account?

Stage 1: Firstly open Dhani application account

Stage 2: Tap on the beneath profile symbol.

Stage 3: Go to the contact

Stage 4: Select their Gmail address which is like support@dhani.com

Stage 5: Text a mail to that location. The following is a model for mentioning to erase your record from Dhani.

Subject: Request To Delete My Dhani Account

Dear Dhani Team,

I have a Dhani account in your data set with the name of … … … … . also, my email ID is… … … … . I’m not ready to utilize this Dhani account any longer. So I am mentioning you to benevolently erase my Dhani account from your data set and furthermore a notice if any.

Name: (your name)

Telephone: (your telephone number)

Email: (your email ID)

How to delete your dhani account in one call?

1 855 829 7337 ( US ) 1-855-829-7337 ( Canada ) 1(855) DANI-(3264) ( From outside US and Canada ) Or: Just send an email from your dhani account with following text Delete my Account and click SEND button.

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