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How to Draw a Shirt: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Want to learn how to draw a shirt? It’s easy with these step-by-step instructions. First, start by drawing two perpendicular lines in the center of your page; one should be vertical and the other horizontal. Then, draw a large circle below the horizontal line (but above the vertical line) with the circumference just bigger than half of the length of your shirt sleeve. Next, draw another circle below that one, but this time make it smaller so that it’s only as big as half of your shirt’s neckline.

Begin with simple shapes

One of the best ways to start drawing a shirt is by using simple shapes. Begin by drawing two rectangles side-by-side. These will be the arms of the shirt. Then, draw a third rectangle beneath the first two. This will be the body of the shirt. To finish the basic shape of the shirt, add a fourth rectangle at the bottom for the waistband.

Erase unnecessary lines

Whether you\’re sketching a fashion design or drawing for fun, it\’s easy to learn how to draw a shirt. Follow these simple steps, and you\’ll be drawing shirts like a pro in no time!

Add details

Start by drawing a basic outline of the shirt. Add the collar, sleeves, and hemline. Then, start filling in the details like the buttons and seams. Once you\’re happy with your drawing, add some shading to give it depth and dimension. Finally, erase any unwanted lines and you\’re done!


Assuming you want to draw a t-shirt, start by drawing a horizontal line for the bottom hem. Then, add two vertical lines for the sides of the shirt. To finish the outline of the shirt, connect the top of the vertical lines with a horizontal line. This will be the neckline of the shirt. Finally, add some sleeves by drawing two curved lines extending from the sides of the shirt.

Now it\’s time to color in your shirt! You can make it any color you want.

Add shading

When it comes to adding shading to your drawing, there are a few things you\’ll need to keep in mind. First, decide what type of shading you want to use. There are two main types of shading: hatching and crosshatching. Hatching is when you draw parallel lines close together, and crosshatching is when you draw intersecting lines.

Final touches

Now that you know how to draw a shirt, you can add your own personal touches to make it unique. Here are a few ideas:

-Add a pattern or design to the shirt using fabric markers or paint.

-Draw a pocket on the shirt, or add buttons down the front.

-Get creative with the collar!

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