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Oppo also has its own robot dog. His name is QRIC and he talks, jumps and does somersaults

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Robot dogs are on the rise

After the famous Boston Dynamics spot and Xiaomi\’s Cyberdog, comes the QRIC. The robot can move independently, and can detect household hazards and accidents to call rescuers

Behind the unpronounceable name QRIC

The acronym for Quadrupedal Robotics with Intelligent Controller – hides one of the most innovative projects presented by OPPO at the INEO Day 2022 review. It is, in fact, an intelligent robot dog, endowed with its own intelligence and many interesting abilities.

QRIC can talk, jump, run and even do somersaults. Thanks to integrated photographic sensors in what we can define as a snout, the robot can analyze everything about the environment it is immersed in, including the people present and any threats.
Threat detection which is a fundamental aspect of QRIC\’s functioning, given that the robot dog is equipped with its own intelligence which allows it to move and act automatically. However, the robot can also be controlled via a smartphone.

There are two, in particular, highlights of the QRIC\’s capabilities by Oppo

In the presentation video, the robot can be seen detecting a courier at the door and going to pick up a package. The QRIC is designed to carry really small packages, too, thanks to a shelf on top and a safety belt.

Even more interesting is the second part of the video, which shows how the QRIC can autonomously detect a home accident, and automatically send an SOS to a chosen contact. In this case it can also initiate a video call.

Robot dogs are an increasingly populated field

Looking at the capabilities and movements of the QRIC, one might not think of Spot, the robot presented by Boston Dynamics in the now-distant 2016. But Cyberdog should also be added to the category of robot dogs, presented by Xiaomi in 2021.

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