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Is your Instagram DM not working? Is something similar happening in Facebook Messenger? Let us tell you that you are not alone and many users are facing this problem. Actually Instagram is down for the last 12 hours and there have been problems in Facebook Messenger as well. While messages from people get deleted automatically when they are DMed on Instagram, the same problem is seen on Facebook Messenger. Users of these social networks are very angry and also complain about Instagram. Let us know what the problem is and what apps are doing about it.

Instagram is not working.

DownDetector reports that on July 5th at 8:00 PM they started complaining on Instagram and as of 11:00 PM more than 1,200 users were facing such problems. He said that the situation will improve at 5 am on July 6, but at the moment the issue with Instagram is not resolved.

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Private messages disappear on Instagram.

If you are not aware of this then let us tell you that it is partial anger in which problems were noticed in a private message, ie. Application DM, while rest of the application is working fine, I have some problem. , not face but my messages are not uploaded to dm and sent messages are also deleted.

Angry users on instagram

On July 5, #Instagramdown became a trend on Twitter as users were finding it difficult to send and read private messages on Instagram. Since then people have started tweeting about it and many users have also complained about it on Instagram. While some people are unhappy with the social media platform, many users are sharing it in the form of memes. Like we said, similar issues have been reported on Facebook Messenger.



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