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History of the Holidays: Sep 7th, Brazilian Independence Day

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Talking about the date of September 7, it is very important for Brazil because on this day Brazil celebrates its Independence Day. On this day in 1822, on September 7, Brazil\’s independence from Portugal was declared. This announcement was made by Pedro de Alcantara, the son of the Portuguese king.

History of Brazilian Independence Day

When we look at the history of Brazilian Independence Day, we find that Brazil had been a colony of Portugal since the 16th century. In 1807 France invaded Portugal. In such a situation, the Portuguese royal family had to flee to Brazil. In 1815, Brazil received statehood like Portugal.

In 1815, in fact, King John VI transferred the right to rule Brazil in his place to his son, Prince Pedro. In 1832, Prince Pedro was made governor of Rio de Janeiro. Pedro was not happy with what was happening to the Brazilians.
When Pedro learned in September 1822 that the Portuguese Assembly had usurped his power, he proclaimed Brazil\’s independence from Portugal.
In 1820 there was a constitutional coup in Portugal. In such a situation, King Dom VI had to return to his home. At that time, a major political revolution had taken place in Portugal. People wanted a constitution that would increase their rights. In such a situation, the king had to leave Brazil and flee to Portugal.
In 1822, the clashes started. The imperial government of Brazil also made slaves and volunteers part of its army and navy. He gained control of Rio de Janeiro and central Brazil. Pakistan Navy also rescued 11 warships from Portuguese ownership.
Dom Pedro became the first emperor of Brazil. Dom Pedro is also known as Ho Alcántara. Alcantara\’s reign lasted from 1823 to 1831.
The Portuguese started settling here in 1532. By the year 1534, it had also made it a functioning colony. First, King John III divided Brazil into 15 colonies. However, there were many administrative problems due to which the King had to appoint a Governor General here.
People were needed to work in the fields. This is how Africans were brought here. The Portuguese wanted to expand in the Southeast. He eventually captured Rio de Janeiro in 1567, while in 1615 he also captured Soulouis. In this way, the strong forts of the Dutch and the British came into their possession.
Brazil emerged as a republic on November 15, 1889. However, they kept their Independence Day on 7 September. Since 1949, Independence Day in Brazil has been celebrated on September 7 and the day is declared a federal holiday in Brazil.
In fact, September 7 was the day Brazil claimed its independence from Portugal in 1822.
In reality, Brazilians did not have to fight much for their independence. This was because he won the war from his native Portugal.
Brazil\’s independence was proclaimed by Alcantara on the banks of the Epiranga River. Meanwhile, he removed the Portuguese insignia from his uniform and threw it away. He declared that I would build Brazil with my blood, my honor and God\’s help.
Dom Pedro then became Emperor of Brazil. This forced the Portuguese forces to leave Brazil. Thus, in 1889, the monarchy ended in Brazil. After that, Brazil appeared on the world map as a republic.
Brazil gained independence, but even after that, the monarchy continued until it was overthrown.

Brazilian Independence Day Facts

It is really interesting if we talk about Brazil Independence Day facts.

The whole world knows that September 7 is Brazil\’s Independence Day. At the same time, in Portuguese it is known as \’Dia da Azadi\’. Not only this, it is also known as \’Sete de Setembro\’ and \’Dia da Patria\’. Sete de Setembro means \’September 7\’, while Dia da Independencia means \’National Day\’.
When we look at the Brazilian flag, we see a blue globe with 27 twinkling stars. These 27 stars actually represent the 27 states of Brazil. All these stars have been linked for many years.
The Brazilian flag features green, yellow and blue. These colors are very dear to the people of Brazil. The green color represents the lush green forests here. Similarly, yellow represents the wealth of Brazil.
A blue globe is visible in the center of the Brazilian flag. This explains Brazil\’s position as the center of the universe in this world.
Brazil takes its name from the Portuguese. The original name given to Brazil by the Portuguese was \’Land of the Holy Cross\’.
Brasilia was recognized as the new national capital of Brazil on April 21, 1960.
If seen from above, Brasilia looks like an airplane. Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the world.

Largest exporting country.
How does Brazil celebrate Independence Day? (How does Brazil celebrate Independence Day?)
On Brazil\’s Independence Day, a military parade is held in its capital, Brasilia. A military parade is also held along with it. Music programs are also organized.
There are also a lot of fireworks in the evening. Parades and parties are also organized in the capitals of all Brazilian states.
The date of September 7 is the witness of the independence of Brazil from the colonial forces. Brazil has also experienced unprecedented growth since its independence and is today recognized as the most prominent country in South America. Today is the day of our independence i.e. 7th September here

Thousands of people are seen celebrating on the streets. They are trying to make this freedom last forever.

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