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Armed with modern weapons, Indian soldiers are now blindfolded to conduct precision marksmanship tests on sound to increase alertness levels. Army and BSF have increased vigilance on the border to prevent terrorists from disrupting the Independence Day celebrations. Thus, Pakistan has stopped shelling on the border as per the agreement, but it is continuously making nefarious plots to spread terrorism in the neighboring country of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian army is ready to destroy the enemies with modern equipment and weapons.

Every movement of the enemy can be monitored under the virtual reality training system, which is named Sanjay. The name is derived from the Mahabharata, as Sanjay saw the Mahabharata war without going to the battlefield. Similarly, with this device, everything going into the battlefield can be seen to see what is happening there. It is also being used to monitor infiltration and intercept drone movements at night.

To increase the level of vigilance, the Indian jawans armed with modern weapons are blindfolded and undergo accuracy tests on sound. Indian Army sharpshooters are ready to target Pakistan with masks sitting across the border under the cover of darkness. According to information, a large number of terrorists are still looking for opportunities to infiltrate from Ghulam Kashmir with the help of Pakistani army. In the suburbs, the enemy sometimes sneaks in under the cover of fog, sometimes darkness and sometimes reeds and commits nefarious acts, but every time they have to eat their mouths.

Blindfolded youths are targeting.

Among modern weapons, the Indian Army currently has rifles such as the Finland-made Sako sniper rifle, Israel-made Negev LMG and America\’s Sigfire. Indian soldiers are trained to hit stick targets with these weapons to counter challenges along the border. Blindfolded youths are being targeted in training.

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