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Why is Kerala minister Saji Cherian coming out?

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Kerala Fisheries and Cultural Affairs Minister Saji Chiriyan is expected to present his papers soon. He had allegedly made remarks against the Indian Constitution during a public speech at Malapali in Pathanamthitta district on July 3. Indian constitution is not fair to the working class as it has no protection for them but it talks about some stupid things like secularism and democracy. The constitution is what the British gave, just an Indian wrote it It allows the country to return but nothing for the workers. In working class matters, judiciary supports businessmen like Adani and Ambani, the minister roared in Malayalam while his CPI(M) colleagues applauded and laid eggs on them. The speech then went viral on social media. Gone.

Cherian, 57, a two-time MLA from Changnur and a loyalist of Chief Minister Panarayi Vajin, had criticized the chief minister a day earlier over allegations of gold smuggling by retired Justice Kamala Pasha. Cherian Family Status Late R. Just like Balakrishna. In 1986, the then Power Minister had said that people would have to create a ruckus like in Punjab for the hearing of his case. He was replying to the central government that Kerala was first deprived of the coach factory allotted to the state and then shifted to Punjab. Later, he had to resign from his ministry because of his remarks.

After Cherian’s speech went viral, Governor Arif Muhammad Khan demanded a report from the government. CM Panarai has also summoned the minister for cleanliness. Sensing concern, the CPI(M) leadership has asked for the full text of the minister’s speech and is probing it.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition V.D. The police station has demanded the immediate resignation of the minister. Satish told India Today, Minister Saji Cherian has denounced the Constitution for his position and disregard of constitutional responsibilities. He is not fit to serve as a minister. The CM should seek his resignation. BJP state president Srinivasan has also demanded resignation. Minister. The minister’s speech tantamounts to anti-national activity. There is no legal bar for such ministers to continue in office, he said. Srinivas says that BJP Yuva Morcha protested against the minister at various places.

For CM Panarai, trapped in a gold smuggling case with allegations against his family, this is another fire that he has to extinguish before it gets out of control.

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