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Hope you all have a happy 4th of July weekend, here is the Google Webmaster Report of July 2022 to know about the last month. Last month we had two verified algorithmic updates and a lot of unverified ones. In addition we ‘ve made changes to the search console, website status documentation updates, local and mapping options, and several user interface changes.

The May 2022 core replacement was completed in June, but we saw several setbacks before and after the replacement. Google also confirmed the replacement of a title hyperlink algorithm last month.

Google Introduces New Video Web Page Indexing Reports in Google Search Console, Updates on Error Types and Additions Google News has a great design and a lot more could be added.

In case you missed the previous recap, go here and here are the top headlines from the past month:

Google Algorithm:

Google Website Positioning:
Google Search Console:
Google Local and Maps:
Google User Interface:

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