Revenue of Moscow hotels for five months of 2022 increased by a third
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Revenue of Moscow hotels for five months of 2022 increased by a third

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Demand growth was further realized by travel services for trips in Moscow and the Moscow locale. Also, Muscovites preferred to visit various urban communities in Russia, with only 13% of travelers from Moscow visiting different foreign countries in June this year.

Moscow experts covered the growth of capital housing and travel services revenue from January to May. For a very long time, total revenue reached 37 billion rubles. This is a third of the same period last year.

According to the Urban Sector of Financial Strategy and Reform, travel services also account for a third of their income- this is 200 billion rubles.

The sought development and location for the holiday trip in Moscow was confirmed by Alexander Gagarin, the progress director of the athletic organization Vokrug Sveta.

Alexander Gagarin

Reform supervision of the movement organization “Vokrugs Vita”

“In 2021, revenue in a particular situation increased twice. Signing of routes and the diversion of Russian tourists to their home markets affected some regions, and some organizations became their travel industry. I am participating forever. am. Moscow is our concern travel first. For example, the public passenger course “Gosdarev Road” started in Moscow and closed in St. Petersburg, the original tourist destination of Moscow. Will be done. Of course the depth of the deal, we have personal There is also a mountain on a short trip to the neatly arranged Moscow, Moscow locale, with definite interest in the late spring time frame.

Also, unlike last year’s figures, members of Sarai Bazar did not face a recognizable expansion of transactions and demands in the first five months of this year. It could be something else, but gauges of the late spring market are hopeful, says Vadim Prasov, vice president of the Federation of Restaurants and Hotel Owners.

Not much progress has been made so far in dealing with partners. Based on the information this development was reported, it is difficult for me to understand in light of what numbers. Calmly, the housing sector and travel industry are unaware of more than a third of the markers during this period of the year.

-Until then, last year there were still pandemic restrictions in place and the clause had actually expanded.

– Certainly, some degree of pandemic restrictions were available. Then obviously the air traffic was also high, anyway because of some restrictions some visitors came from abroad, still they were able to come, now the truth is there is nothing like that. On a fundamental level, the flow to Moscow is huge and generally very attractive to Moscow in the middle of the year, with a certain number of individuals moving to Moscow during this period with the domestic travel industry as their ultimate goal. . But we are not a place and neither is the ocean. Although the number of tourists increases in summer, but till the middle of this year these travelers are mainly from Russian region.

Muscovites will travel from Moscow to various cities and countries in June. According to Yandex.Travel, the largest number of Muscovites traveling in June belonged to Russia – 74%. Thirteen percent of Moscow’s tourists went to neighboring countries and an equal number went to distant countries.

For unfamiliar excursions, Muscovites often choose Turkey, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. The United Arab Emirates, Israel, Thailand and Egypt are famous.

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