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Know who was the grandmother of Malayalam literature?, Whom Google remembered by making a doodle

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Google on Tuesday commemorated Indian poet Balamani Amma\’s 113th birth anniversary with a doodle. In Google Doodle, you can see a grandmother writing something. Google has paid tribute to Palamani Amma, the grandmother of Malayalam literature by creating a wonderful doodle. Palamani Amma is called the grandmother of literature. Today\’s Google Doodle dedicated to Balamani Amma is created by Kerala-based artist Devika Ramachandran. Let\’s know the special features associated with Ammaiyar\’s life.

Highlights related to Balamani Amma\’s life..

1. Balamani Amma was born in 1909 in Thrissur district of Kerala. Amma is said to have never received a formal education. He was educated at home by his uncle Nalapat Narayan Menon.

2. At the age of 19, mother V.M. Nair was the managing director and managing editor of the Malayalam magazine \’Mathrubhoomi\’.

3. Amma\’s first poem Koppugai was published in 1930. He received recognition as a talented poet from Parikshit Tamburan, the former ruler of Cochin Empire. Tamburan honored with \’Sahitya Nipun Puraskaram\’.

4. Her early poems portray motherhood and women as powerful figures by adopting mythological roles and stories.

5. Amma wrote her poems in Malayalam and her works were recognized all over South India. Amma (Mother), Muttassi (Grandmother) and Masvinde Kathi (The Story of the Axe) are some of his most famous poems.

6. Dadi was awarded many awards for his literary works. These include the Saraswati Samman and the Padma Vibhushan, India\’s second highest civilian award. Amma\’s daughter Kamala Das was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1984.

These honors were earned

Balamani Amma has received many awards including Padma Bhushan, Sahitya Akademi Award and Saraswati Samman for her excellent writing. Born in Punnarayurkulam, Kerala, Balamani Amma is fondly called the \”Poetess of the Motherland\”.

Beginning of writing

The mother of Malayalam literature is said to have received no formal education. She would read her maternal uncle\’s collection of books. From here on awakening within her to write, Balamani Amma progressed in this field.

The first poem was published on this day

Palamani Amma\’s first poem, Koppugai, was published in 1930, when she was 21 years old. He published more than 20 collections of poetry and other works such as translations.


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