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Indira Gandhi nationalized 14 private banks on this day

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July 19 is considered significant in the country\’s banking history. In fact, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi nationalized 14 private banks on 19 July 1969. These banks were mostly owned by big industrial houses. The second round of nationalization came in 1980, under which seven more banks were nationalized.

Following are the serial details of other important events recorded in the history of 19th July in the history of the country and the world:-
1827: Birth of Mangal Pandey, forerunner of the Indian freedom struggle.
1848: The first women\’s rights convention is held in Seneca Falls, New York.
1870: France declares war on Persia.
1900: The first metro rail runs in Paris, the capital of France. The world\’s first metro service was launched in London.
1940: Adolf Hitler orders Britain to surrender.
1969: Apollo II astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin exit the spacecraft and go into lunar orbit.
1969: The Government of India nationalized the country\’s fourteen largest banks.
1974: Revolutionary Adham Singh\’s ashes were brought from London to New Delhi.
2001: Prime Minister of Nepal Girijaprasad Koirala resigned from his post.
2003: Russian cosmonaut Yuri Mel Tenko became the first person to marry in space.
2004: After three delays, Ariane-5 lifts off from the Kourou launch center in French Guiana carrying the world\’s largest telecommunications satellite.
2005: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addresses the US Congress.
2008: The US tests a long-range missile in the Pacific Ocean.
2021: 31 people were killed in a collision between a passenger bus and a truck in Pakistan\’s Punjab province.
2021: Lockdown, mask-wearing and covid restrictions are lifted in England after a year.

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