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7 Easy Steps to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper

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Did you know that it’s possible to create a heart out of the gum wrapper in your pocket? It sounds too good to be true, but this nifty little trick will amaze your friends and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. To learn how to make a heart out of gum wrapper, keep reading! The only supplies you’ll need are the gum wrapper and another piece of paper that’s about the same size as the wrapper.

Open up your gum wrapper

First, you\’ll need a gum wrapper heart. If you don\’t have one, you can easily find one by asking a friend for one or buying a pack of gum. Once you have your wrapper, open it up so that it\’s flat. You should now have a long, thin rectangle.

Fold in Half

Start by folding your gum wrapper in half length-wise. If you\’re using a rectangular wrapper, make sure the corners line up and that the crease is as straight as possible. If your wrapper is already heart-shaped, you can skip this step!

Put it in your pocket until you find the perfect time to give it away.

If you\’re looking for a creative way to show someone you care, why not make them a heart out of a gum wrapper heart? It\’s easy to do and only requires a few materials. Plus, it\’s a thoughtful gesture that is sure to put a smile on the recipient\’s face. Here\’s how to do it

Create the Shape
  1. Start with a rectangular gum wrapper heart.
  2. Fold the wrapper in half lengthwise.
  3. Fold the wrapper in half again, this time widthwise.
  4. Take the top layer of the paper and fold it down to meet the bottom edge.
  5. Once you have a triangular shape, simply fold down the top two corners to create a heart shape.
Make the First Folds

Fold the gum wrapper heart in half horizontally. Then, fold it in half again vertically. Next, take the top left corner and fold it diagonally so that it meets the bottom right corner. Repeat with the other side. You should now have a triangle.

Create the Heart Shape

Creating the heart shape is simple and only requires a few supplies. All you need is a gum wrapper, scissors, and tape.

Finish the Gum Wrapper Heart

You\’ll need two wrappers for this project. Start by folding one wrapper in half lengthwise. Then, cut along the fold, stopping about halfway up the wrapper. Next, take the other wrapper and fold it in half widthwise. Cut along the fold, stopping about halfway up the wrapper. Now, you should have four pieces that look like long strips. Take two of the strips and tape them together at the ends to form a loop. Then, do the same with the other two strips.

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