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Pitbull, a well-known American rapper, singer, composer, brand ambassador, and philanthropist, is the father of Bryce Perez. He goes by Armando Christian Perez in real life. He also goes by the name Mr. Worldwide. Perez is a soccer player and a high school graduate.


First and last name Bryce Perez
Name Bryce
Surname Pérez
Date of birth March 05, 2003
Year old 20 years
Job Children of famous people
Nationality American
Hometown US (United States)
father’s name pitbull dog
Father of the profession American rapper, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador and philanthropist
Mother’s name Barbara Alba
gender identity male
Horoscope Fish
Brothers and sisters Fate of Pérez
net value 100 million dollars

Are Pitbull’s additional children and mistresses being kept a secret?

People have a lot of personal inquiries when it comes to being a superstar. Currently single and “ready to hang out,” the American rapper stated in his remarks. He leads a private life, and his marriage is not publicly disclosed. He allegedly had a long-term, committed relationship with Barbara Alba.

Bryce Perez was born on March 5, 2003. He is now 20 years old, are the couple’s two children. Unfortunately, after ten years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. On his father’s arm is a tattoo of Bryce and Destiny.

He was found to have more than two children with other women, the report said. According to reports, she is the mother of six kids, but for reasons of privacy and safety, neither their names nor the mother’s identity have been made public. The artist, according to rumors, prefers a partnership where the women may interact more like friends. He also asserts that he is not frightened to engage in amorous activities. He is more open-minded and dislikes commitments.

Pitbull is sued by Lindsay Lohan in court.

Lindsay Lohan and Pitbull are involved in a bitter dispute. Pitbull insults and taunts Lohan, which enrages her. The situation worsened when the actress accuse Mr. Worldwide of wrongdoing. In the song’s lyrics, Lindsay Lohan is mentioned, and I noticed a phrase that said, “I got it it like Lindsay Lohan.” She was so irate that she filed a lawsuit. The remarks offended her, and she felt outraged by them.

She had a poor relationship with both her biological and adoptive fathers and abandoned her mother.

Your father and you don’t get along, and you have adoptive parents. Your mother rejected you. Pitbull was expelled from the house when he was a high school student. It was his mother who committed the crime. He is selling narcotics to children at his school, which is the main cause of this. Also strained was his relationship with his father. His father took part in the crime as well. He went away and saw his adoptive parents. Their identities haven’t been made public yet.

bryce perez mother

with the most nominations, an artist

The American Rapper is the most nominated artist at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards with 11 nods across several categories. It was without a doubt the most significant event of his life.

Drunk driver hits a man while driving

A celebrity can be seen in a YouTube video striking a man after the man was thrown a large amount of cash. He keeps being drawn into these arguments. Another incident involved him being stopped for driving while intoxicated. He was penalized $1,000.

Obtained the “City Key”

Rapper from the United States who Miami honored with the “City Key” award for his contributions to the city’s reputation. It is a civic honor presented to a local or guest.

2023 Bryce Perez Net Worth

Currently a high school student, Bryce Perez has no wealth. On the other side, as of January 2023, his father is rumored to be worth $100 million. His sources of income are listed below:

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