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fifa world cup 2022 schedule date and time table

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The FIFA World Cup has always been one of the biggest sporting events. Although there was some controversy over the schedule and conduct of the tournament, a group stage was scheduled. So now we have a better idea about the 2022 FIFA World Cup schedule because we know which countries are more likely to qualify for the playoffs. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup arguably the last to feature Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, the stakes are high.

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The first match after the opening ceremony will take place on 20 November 2022. Qatar and Ecuador are set to go head-to-head to register their first win in the tournament. Also, it can be expected that the World Cup will last a little less than a month. The final match is to be held on December 18, 2022. In terms of countries, Brazil is gaining momentum with five World Cups. Although France have a strong team, can the defending champions stay on the line? Or will the Argentine dark horse lift the trophy and add another title to Lionel Messi\’s historic career? There is something to envy in this FIFA World Cup. So, without further ado, let\’s look at the 2022 FIFA World Cup schedule!

2022 FIFA World Cup Teams

There are a total of eight groups, and there are the following four teams in each group.


Group A

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 20, 2022 Qatar v/s Ecuador 08:30 PM
November 21, 2022 Senegal v/s Netherlands 08:30 PM
November 25, 2022 Qatar v/s Senegal 05:30 PM
Netherlands v/s Ecuador 08:30 PM
November 29, 2022 Netherlands v/s Qatar 07:30 PM
Ecuador v/s Senegal 07:30 PM

Group B 

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 21, 2022 England v/s Iran 05:30 PM
USA v/s Wales 11:30 PM
November 25, 2022 Wales v/s Iran 02:30 PM
England v/s USA 11:30 PM
November 29, 2022 Wales v/s England 11:30 PM
Iran v/s USA 11:30 PM

Group C

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 22, 2022 Argentina v/s S. Arabia 02:30 PM
Mexico v/s Poland 08:30 PM
November 26, 2022 Poland v/s S. Arabia 05:30 PM
Argentina v/s Mexico 11:30 PM
November 30, 2022 Poland v/s Argentina 11:30 PM
S. Arabia v/s Mexico 11:30 PM

Group D

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 22, 2022 Denmark v/s Tunisia 05:30 PM
France v/s Australia 11:30 PM
November 26, 2022 Tunisia v/s Australia 02:30 PM
France v/s Denmark 08:30 PM
November 30, 2022 Tunisia v/s France 07:30 PM
Australia v/s Denmark 07:30 PM

Group E

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 23, 2022 Germany v/s Japan 05:30 PM
Spain v/s Costa Rica 08:30 PM
November 27, 2022 Japan v/s Costa Rica 02:30 PM
Spain v/s Germany 11:30 PM
December 01, 2022 Japan v/s Spain 11:30 PM
Costa Rica v/s Germany 11:30 PM

Group F

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 23, 2022 Morocco v/s Croatia 02:30 PM
Belgium v/s Canada 11:30 PM
November 27, 2022 Belgium v/s Morocco 05:30 PM
Croatia v/s Canada 08:30 PM
December 01, 2022 Croatia v/s Belgium 07:30 PM
Canada v/s Morocco 07:30 PM

Group G

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 24, 2022 Switzerland v/s Cameroon 02:30 PM
Brazil v/s Serbia 11:30 PM
November 28, 2022 Cameroon v/s Serbia 02:30 PM
Brazil v/s Switzerland 08:30 PM
December 02, 2022 Cameroon v/s Brazil 11:30 PM
Serbia v/s Switzerland 11:30 PM


Group H

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
November 24, 2022 Uruguay v/s South Korea 05:30 PM
Portugal v/s Ghana 08:30 PM
November 28, 2022 South Korea v/s Ghana 05:30 PM
Portugal v/s Uruguay 11:30 PM
December 02, 2022 South Korea v/s Portugal 07:30 PM
Ghana v/s Uruguay 07:30 PM


Round Of 16

Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
December 03, 2022 1A v/s 2B 07:30 PM
1C v/s 2D 11:30 PM
December 04, 2022 1D v/s 2C 07:30 PM
1B v/s 2A 11:30 PM
December 05, 2022 1E v/s 2F 07:30 PM
1G v/s 2H 11:30 PM
December 06, 2022 1F v/s 2E 07:30 PM
1H v/s 2G 11:30 PM



Date  Fixtures Time (IST)
December 09, 2022 1E/2F v/s 1G/2H QF1 07:30 PM
1A/2B v/s 1C/2D QF2 11:30 PM
December 10, 2022 1F/2E v/s 1H/2G QF3 07:30 PM
1B/2A v/s 1D/2C QF4 11:30 PM


December 13, 2022 QF2 v/s QF1 11:30 PM
December 14, 2022 QF4 v/s QF3 11:30 PM

Third-place Match

December 17, 2022 QF2/QF1 v/s QF4/QF3 07:30 PM


December 17, 2022 QF2/QF1 v/s QF4/QF3 07:30 PM



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