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Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit Telangana every month.

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The Union Home Minister will visit Telangana for 2 days every month.

Party leaders have been told that the program will remain the same till the assembly elections.

There is a chance to visit the state again by the end of this month.

After that the party\’s activities and strategy are completely in Shah\’s hands.

BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit the state soon. Amit Shah is said to have told prominent leaders that he has made a schedule to allot two days to the state every month till the end of the Telangana Assembly elections. Party sources say they will not be surprised if Shah returns to Telangana by the end of this month. It is learned that the top leadership, including Prime Minister Modi, BJP National President JP Nadda and Union Minister Amit Shah, are fully focused on the politics of the state, keeping in view the expectation that elections will be held in the state within half an hour. , The year

Under this, the \’Mission Telangana\’ road map was also prepared in the meeting of the National Working Group held in Hyderabad on 2nd and 3rd of this month. The national leadership directed the state leaders to take the party to the people at all levels and eradicate undemocratic and authoritarian policies, dynastic rule, governance failures and failure to implement the major promises of the ruling TRS. Be among people at all levels. , All the activities and strategies of the party in the state are completely under the supervision of the national leadership and Amit Shah as part of efforts to implement it more strongly at the field level. In the context of these developments, Amit Shah\’s state visits have become a priority.

Amit Shah Warangal Sabha!

The Praja Sangram Yatra of the third phase under the leadership of BJP State President Bandi Sanjay from 2nd of next month will run for 20-25 days in 13-14 constituencies of joint Nalgonda and Warangal districts. It seems that Amit Shah will attend the general meeting held in Warangal as the chief guest at the end of this padyatra. Earlier, Shah had ordered the state party to organize bike rallies covering the entire state along with Sanjay\’s padyatra. Under this, the state party has started bike rallies of prominent leaders in 6 assembly constituencies from Thursday.

Soon these rallies will be started in 7 more assembly constituencies. Bike rallies will be taken out to cover all 119 assembly constituencies in five or six installments by the end of this year. According to the instructions of the national party, it has been decided to celebrate the achievements, development and welfare programs of the Modi government by organizing a 20-day bandh sanjay pad yatra and bike rally for 10 days in a month against the TRS campaign.

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