Touch VPN review – June 2024
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Touch VPN review – June 2024

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TouchVPN is one of the highest VPN services according to the opinions of their users.

In this Touch VPN review we will take a look at the main features of this software, as well as the pros and cons.

Main features:

TouchVPN is a highly used VPN with lots of positive opinions about it and even if it’s not one of the main ones in the market right now, it could be on a not so far future.


  •  It’s permanently free! No trials, no credit card details asked, nothing. Free forever!
  •  They care about your privacy according to their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  •  Recently released, updated software and most likely the hardware used to build their servers is recent as well, Touch VPN got released in 2018 according to their website.
  •  You can easily bypass geo-restrictions by choosing a different country than your original one, this way the website or service you visit will no longer think you are from your original country but the country you have chosen instead.
  •  Keep your information safe from Hackers by encrypting all of your data so that even if a Hacker captures your data somehow, he would not be able to read the content.
  •  Stop websites from tracking you, as well as your ISP tracking your online activities. TouchVPN allows you to change your IP address so that you can be anonymous in the Internet.
  •  More than 30+ servers available in different countries spread around the entire world.
  •  Available in Android, iOS, macOS, Google Chrome and in the Windows Store.
  •  Easy to use interface which requires basic knowledge, as well as a fairly simple installation process which consists of pressing a few times the “accept” sign.


  • Users complain in the comments about the VPN currently not working properly since their last update.
  •  Their webpage doesn’t function properly, has text from a template page and what are supposed to be links to navigate the website through doesn’t work at all. However, the download links properly work as intended.
  •  They are said to protect your information and the cost is free but there is a catch, you will get their ads shown every time you navigate your browser. Nonetheless, their ads are not really intrusive, so this is not so bad, specially considering we don’t have to pay for their service.
  •  Their encryption technology has been known not to be one of the best ones available, but at least we get a benefit out of this: the speeds are higher than usual.
  •  According to the users they sometimes have random disconnections while using TouchVPN.
  •  They sell your information to 3rd parties, but at least they are honest about unlike many other VPNs that simply lie to you.
  •  They keep logs and if the government, for example, would require them, they should be able to get them.
  •  Incompatibility with the famous improved anonymity browser, the TOR browser.

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