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Special thing about World Bamboo Day

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World Bamboo Day 2022: World Bamboo Day is celebrated on September 18 every year across the world. However, this special day is celebrated to raise awareness about the benefits associated with bamboo and promote its use in everyday products. Its main objective has always been to promote the use of bamboo and bamboo products. It has been used for a long time in some form like furniture or bags, clothes etc.

houses but has anyone ever tried to know about it in detail. Bamboo is a type of natural plant whose scientific name is Bambusidae, let\’s know in detail.

Special thing about bamboo
World Bamboo Day aims to promote people towards bamboo cultivation. Bamboo is named among the fastest growing grass plants. Which is used in many things like furniture, food, fuel, clothes. It is very important to cultivate bamboo to meet the needs related to it. Bamboo is most commonly used in Southeast Asian, East Asian countries and South Asian countries.

Know the history related to it.
On 18 September 2009, the World Bamboo Organization announced the first World Bamboo Day in Bangkok. The reason for celebrating this day is to give maximum extension to bamboo. There are many areas around the world, where bamboo cultivation is promoted for new industries to drive economic development in this direction. Along with this, the traditional industries related to bamboo will also have to be promoted.

Some special things related to bamboo
Bamboo is also called poor man\’s wood or green gold.
The bamboo plant can grow naturally anywhere.
There are about 110 species of bamboo in Northeast India.
Bamboo plays an important role in soil conservation, as it holds the soil during floods.
The bamboo tree also acts as a remedial agent for barren or degraded land.

World Bamboo Day is celebrated every year on the basis of some theme. Its main purpose is to preserve natural things. The World Bamboo Organization also encourages more and more bamboo plantations. This year\’s theme may also be based on the same theme, so that people can create awareness about bamboo planting.

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