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Activities for children on Independence Day – 15th August are a very important day for India. India became independent on that day. Everyone in the country celebrates this day together. Various activities can be done to introduce children to this special day.

Independence Day is celebrated with great fanfare in India every year on 15th August.

Every citizen of the country celebrates this day in a different way. Independence Day is a day in which there is no discrimination of any religion or any caste. This feature keeps the country united. It is a national festival, which is very special for everyone. On Independence Day we hoist the flag remembering the sacrifices of our brave sons. So on this special occasion of Independence Day we introduce our children to the history of the country and its activities. From which children will also understand the importance of this day and learn a lot.

Special Activities on Independence Day

Involve children in the flag hoisting program. Encourage them to participate in the ceremony and sing the national anthem with him.

Encourage children to work as a team in a March past or parade. Teachers and parents can also organize a march past in the school or society.

Painting and drawing competitions for children can be organized on the occasion of Independence Day. This competition on themes from Independence Day will be great.

Children can be prepared for a patriotic play on Independence Day. In this he will know more about freedom fighters.

Many patriotic songs are sung on the occasion of Independence Day, singing competitions can also be organized based on them.

Cultural dances can also be organized for children on the occasion of Independence Day.

Children enjoy more than libertarian clothing.

Kids can love a theme party on Independence Day.

T-shirt painting can be a great activity for kids on Independence Day.

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