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Qualcomm has unveiled the chips that will bring Wi-Fi 7 to the largest mesh routers on the market. With the new transmission standard, we will have faster and more reliable connections, with latency reduced to a minimum. Already the first device in 2023

Qualcomm has unveiled its new chips for mesh networking devices with Wi-Fi 7 support. The components are part of what Qualcomm calls the \”Immersive Home Platform,\” and have already been distributed to some trusted partners.

The news is especially important given that the Wi-Fi 7 standard is widely defined as the new era of wireless, and promises significant improvements in terms of speed and latency. Wi-Fi 7 devices will be able to operate on all three bands – 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz – with blazingly high speeds, two-band simultaneous connections and extremely low latency.

In this specific case, the new processors allow a peak network capacity of 20 Gbps, thanks to the use of 10 simultaneous streams.

Another fundamental aspect of the Wi-Fi 7 standard relates to MLO (Multi-Link Operation), an acronym that indicates the possibility of devices connecting to two bands simultaneously. It increases throughput while improving latency and reliability.

Qualcomm chips, which we remember as the basis of some of the best Netgear and Google Nest routers, will also allow the use of the preamplification function that takes care of blocking and limiting interference, the possibility of using the remaining part leaves the Channel and mesh functionality with proprietary Multi-Link Mesh System.

Qualcomm has announced that it has already shipped the first batch of chips to partners to start the intensive testing phase. The first Wi-Fi 7 devices with Qualcomm components are expected to debut by the second half of 2023.

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