PhonePe history: How to delete transaction history in PhonePe
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PhonePe history: How to delete transaction history in PhonePe

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PhonePe has been the fastest growing mobile payment app in India and the recent integration with ICICI Bank has made it even more successful. Many users are using the app to send money or receive funds from their contacts but some users want to delete transaction history in PhonePe because they want their financial information to be private and secure. This article shows you how to remove transaction history in PhonePe and why it is important to keep your financial information safe and private by deleting PhonePe history regularly.

Delete PhonePe Transaction History

We all make mistakes, even with our bank accounts. So if you have a few transfers on your account that you wish weren’t there or are simply curious about, there’s no shame in wanting to access it and find out. But how exactly do you get those numbers? While some banks offer a variety of ways for customers to access their accounts (either through an app or an online portal), most don’t give direct access and ask you instead sign up for paperless statements.

General Highlights on Phone Pe India

PhonePe India-based payment application launched on 23 March 2017. The payment app has been developed by Flipkart and Flipkart had acquired it for $60 million. It has been built from scratch only for India and made user-friendly through a better understanding of local market trends. Using UPI (Unified Payments Interface) enables users to do instant bank-to-bank money transfers as well as pay at any of partner merchants and outlets with ease.

Steps to delete transaction history in PhonePe

Login to your PhonePe account

Open transaction history page

Select the story you want to delete

In the older version of the application click “Delete transaction”.

If you have the latest version, select Contact Support.

Write a message to contact support about what you really want

send a message and a new ticket will be created based on your request

Support will contact you to confirm your request, which will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Steps to delete or deactivate PhonePe account

Login to your PhonePe account

Click on the question mark icon at the top of the screen.

You will be redirected to a help screen

In the “Other Subject” note select the option “My Account & KYC”.

Click on “My PhonePe Account Details”.

Select “Delete My PhonePe Account”.

Choose the right option for you

For the first two options, you need to select “Deactivate PhonePe Account”.

For the third option, you need to click on “Contact Support”.

Specify the reason for the account deletion request

Enter a message to request permanent account deletion

Customer Support will contact you to confirm and fulfill your request.

After that, the account will be deactivated.

Steps to Erase Pe Phone History on Android and iPhone

Open the PhonePe app on your Android mobile phone or iPhone.

Log in to your PhonePe account using your mobile phone number and the 4-digit password associated with your bank account.

Select the “History” option at the bottom of the main page.

This will open a list of all your PhonePe transactions done so far.

Find and select the specific transaction you want to delete.

Now click on “Contact Support” option.

In the chat window, mention that you want to delete the transaction giving some personal reason.

Click on the submit button and a new ticket will be created for your request.

PhonePe Support will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your request.

Once they confirm your details, your request will be processed.


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