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List of Businesses Offering for India\’s 5G Network

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The 5G auction in India is scheduled to take place on July 26, 2022, with four major mobile operators in the race. Check out the list of companies bidding for 5G networks in India.

5G Spectrum Auction 2022: India\’s 5G auction is set to begin on July 26, 2022, with four local companies in the country vying for India\’s first 5G spectrum ahead of the planned 5G rollout in 2023. There are several major mobile operators among the companies bidding for 5G spectrum in India, and one of them surprised everyone.

In total, the block will contain 72 GHz of 5G spectrum, for which the winning bids will retain rights for 20 years. A total of four bidders paid Rs. 218 billion deposit, the mandatory amount required to validate a 5G network contract. The deposit amount paid by the bidders indicates the quantum of spectrum that the company wants to buy.

5G refers to the fifth generation of high-speed mobile Internet, which promises ultra-fast download speeds that can support technologies such as self-driving cars and virtual reality.

5G Auction in India: List of companies bidding for 5G in India

5G Bidders

Earnest Money

Reliance Jio

Rs. 140 billion

Bharti Airtel

Rs. 55 billion

Vodafone Idea

Rs. 22 billion

Adani Data Networks

Rs. 1 billion

5G auction in India: What to expect from the auction?

With the introduction of 5G in India, telecom service providers are expected to use medium and high frequency spectrum to deploy services based on 5G technology, which can deliver speeds and throughput of around 10 times faster. It is much more than what is possible with current 4G services.

The 5G networks of the future have the potential to create next-generation businesses, provide jobs through innovative use cases and technologies, and generate additional revenue for businesses.

5G auction in India: Which cities will get 5G service?

5G services to be launched in 13 major cities


5G auction in India: Who costs how much to sell 5G in India?

Mukesh Ambani is expected to lead Jio\’s spending, followed by Bharti Airtel, while analysts see less participation from Vodafone Idea and Adani Group. Reliance Group paid a deposit amount (EMD) of Rs. 14,000 crore while rival Adani Group earned a meager Rs. Recently deposited 100 crores.

While EMDs suggest that Jio, the country\’s largest telecom company by subscriber count, may be too aggressive in the upcoming auction, the Adani Group may try to buy the minimum spectrum required to build a private network.

This time the deposit amount (EMD) of all the four applicants seeking 5G radio waves is Rs. 21,800 crore, which is much higher than Rs. Rs 13,475 crore was recorded in the 2021 auction with three players in the race for 5 auctions.

What is 5G?

5G broadband in telecommunications is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks that cellular companies began rolling out worldwide in 2019. 5G is the planned successor to 4G networks, providing connectivity to the latest mobile phones. By 2025, 5G networks are projected to have more than 1.7 billion customers worldwide.

In addition to being faster than existing networks, 5G will also have higher bandwidth and will thus be able to connect more different devices while improving internet service in congested places.

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