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Nivin Pauly: Mahaveeryar to hit theaters tomorrow, experts, what are you expecting

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Malayalam actor and producer Nivin Poli is very optimistic about his latest Movies Mahaveeryar, which is slated to release in theaters this Thursday. He believes that Mahaveeryar will prove to be a milestone in his career.

“It (Mahaveeryar) is going to be a very memorable film. When I am narrated a script, I usually think about the character that I can play. But when I heard this story, I immediately felt that I should produce this film. I thought this film would be a memorable film for my banner,” he told Pearl Money.

Mahaveeryar celebrates the reunion of Nivin Poli with director Abrid Shine after a hiatus of six years. In the past, the actor-director duo went on to make two hits, including the sports drama 1983 and the cop thriller Biju Hero. Mahaveeryar is advertised as a fictional drama about time travel.

“I have never seen such a film in my entire 12-year career. There is a lot of freshness in it. It will provide a new experience to the audience at a time when everyone is looking forward to different films,” said Nivin.

Nivin Polly also revealed that he and Abrid Shine are working on a sequel to the action film Biju. The actor said, \”Almost 80 per cent of the script is complete. Now that the films are releasing in multiple languages across the country, we felt there is room for it in this film. So, we are going to sacrifice the beauty and soul of this franchise. We are in the process of expanding the project without

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