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Keep Wi-Fi on with Your Pixel when Airplane Mode is enabled

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When you\’re on an airplane, Airplane Mode is often enabled in order to comply with FAA regulations. However, this can also mean that you can\’t use Wi-Fi.

1. What is airplane mode?

What is airplane mode?
Airplane mode is a mode on electronic devices that disables the device\’s ability to send or receive calls, messages, or notifications.

2. How can airplane mode be useful?

Airplane mode is a feature on smartphones and other devices that allows users to disable the cellular radios. This can be useful when you need to save battery life, or when you\’re in a place where using a phone is not allowed or recommended. For example, I often use airplane mode when I\’m on a plane. This way my phone won\’t consume any battery life and I won\’t be disturbed by any notifications.

3. How can the Pixel keep Wi-Fi on when airplane mode is enabled?

The Pixel\’s Wi-Fi can stay on when airplane mode is enabled by using a technique called network notification. Network notification allows an app to receive information about changes in the network state, such as whether the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or not. This information can then be used to keep the Wi-Fi enabled when airplane mode is enabled.

4. How can this be useful?

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5. Conclusion

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There is a workaround, however. By turning on Airplane Mode and then keeping Wi-Fi on with your Pixel, you can continue to use the internet without having to disable Airplane Mode.

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