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Kaduva Movie Review: Shaji Kailash Returns; Tiger Review

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Shaji Kailas is a director who gave many hits at a time when producers used to use the number of show days in theaters instead of crore clubs on posters. If the word Mass is in the movie discussions, then the name Shaji Kailas is not avoided by the new generation of movie buffs. Kaduva marks the return of Shaji Kailas in Malayalam cinema after a gap of eight years. Prithviraj Sukumaran is in the title role and the film is produced (with Listin Stephen). Tiger\’s arrival is one of the reasons for the lack of audience in theatres, amid the assessment that mass masala films have become exotic with the rise of realistic films.

The story of Tiger is brought up in the 90s. The protagonist of Prithviraj is Kaduvakunel Kuryachan, a plantation owner and industrialist. Kaduvakunel Korut\’s son is a man who cannot live under power centres, who asserts himself in what he finds wrong, and that is why he has earned enough enemies in the police and in the parish. Tiger is the nickname given by the local people to Kuryachan, who fought and defeated the enemies that came before him. A chance clash of egos in the midst of a conversation with another chief and police IG Joseph Chandy (Vivek Oberoi), begins a never-ending conflict between the two. Conflict between rich young businessman and local IG is increasing due to direct or indirect involvement of police force, government, ruling party and local people. Shaji Kailas presents the battle between Kuryachan and Joseph Chandy on screen in 2 hours 35 minutes with the question of who will be the final winner.



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