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Congratulations to MS Dhoni: Today is 41st birthday, know 10 special things

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Former Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni is celebrating his 41st birthday today. He was born on 7 July 1981. Under his captaincy, he made India number one in all three formats of cricket. Let\’s know 10 special things about him

Ranchi: Indian team has broken many records in Mahendra Singh Dhoni\’s. India won the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 2013 Champions Cup. Today is Captain Cole\’s birthday. Let\’s know 10 special things about him

1.During his school years, he played badminton and football.

Mahi played in these games till the district and club level. Dhoni used to be the goalkeeper of the football team. When Mahi\’s school cricket team did not show up, he was asked to leave the wicket. , Dhoni focused on cricket after 10th standard

2. DhoniMahendra Singh Dhoni started playing for Bihar Ranji team.


Meanwhile, in 2001, Dhoni worked as a ticket inspector for the Railways. He did this for 2 years to support his family financially. He 2003

3. Sachin In 2007, under the leadership of Dhoni, the cricket team won its T20 World Cup.

In the same year, leaving some senior players, Dhoni was given the command of the team. Mahi revealed in an interview that when he was decided as the captain, he was not present. ,

4. Bollywood loves Dhoni and long hair

Long hair in the early days of Mahendra Singh Dhoni\’s career. Captain Cole revealed in an interview that he really likes Bollywood John Abraham. That\’s why his hair as long as John Abraham, former President of Pakistan, Parvez also praised Dhoni\’s tallness.

5. Fish puts India on top in Tests.

Dhoni made many records in the white jersey. One of them is the record that made India the number one Test team in 2009. Dhoni\’s team reached the top of the Test rankings after defeating Sri Lanka in November 2009. For the next 21 months, until August 2011, the Indian team remained in the first place in Tests.

6. The artist who threw the yorker ball into the helicopter

With this blow, Dhoni converted yorker balls into long sixes many times. , It has since become his trademark. Although

7. There is also a lieutenant colonel in the fishing army

The Indian Army elevated Mahendra Singh to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Mahi is the second cricketer to get the award after Kapil Dev. This award was presented to him in 2011, after which he also participated in the Bar Army exercise.

8. He is the only captain in the world to have led a team to three ICC trophies.

These included the 2007 T20 World Championship, the 2011 ODI World and and the 2013 Champions Trophy.

9. The \”Wizard\” Behind the Gate

Donnie\’s agility behind the gate is amazing. He holds the record for most stumpings in international cricket. Sri Lankan goalkeeper Kumar Sangakkara topped the list in 195 in 538 international matches. 139

10.Juggling on the cricket pitch

Dhoni did not get to play the farewell match on the pitch. He first announced his sudden retirement from Tests in 2014. This decision surprised everyone. At the same time, on 15 August 2020, he announced his retirement from T20 and International. In an Instagram post, the captain announced his retirement. Fans were surprised by this decision of Mahi.


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