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jee karda Web Series Review: Tamannaah Bhatia’s coming-of-age story is a compelling story of love, romance, drama and relationships mixed with addictive human emotions.
Karda Review: A line from Karan Johar’s ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ that says ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ is reflected in the screenplay of the series where nearly two decades after the film’s release, Amazon Prime Video ‘Ji Karda’ took it. Very seriously and has gone above and beyond with it. The series explores the lives of seven childhood friends who have their own secrets, passions and desires, but are sealed off by the pressures of adulthood until certain boundaries are crossed.


The eight-episode series revolves around the lives of seven childhood friends, who are now entering their 30s where they are overwhelmed by the pressures of society, social image, personal conflicts and romance, and all of them. To maintain our long-term friendship with confidence. loyalty


‘Jee Karda’ touches the surface of modern-day love and dating issues with friendship cues and social pressures along with family issues all wrapped up in a falafel bar. The show manages to achieve all of this for an audience where the sheer number of friends in one’s life will make you want to pick up your phone and thank your peers.

From child abuse to infidelity, the impact of past traumas, the modern-day parameters of queer romance and society’s view and mindset towards them, while touching on lighter issues of relationships and boyhood, the series Went overboard with your content. But in the end there was relief where the script of the film was done with sensitivity.

What works for the series:

The makers of the film have tried to keep the content and dialogues simple and open. From the slang used in certain situations, without any poor or clichéd dialogue, one will find a relationship in the series, whether in their love life or amidst the complicated status of their friendship.

The strength of the series is that it doesn’t follow a single story that can lead you to an exaggerated and boring ride, but intertwines stories with humour, bold shocking scenes, and perfect comic sub-pars. A bold theme or will lead to your side. With the essence of family bonding, however, make up your mind to share the screens with your family, as Tamannaah Bhatia’s shockingly bold avatar will turn you off.

What doesn’t:

‘Jee Karda’ promises to showcase the mature status of the group, however at a point the characters lose themselves in glamour and guilt where they are no longer taken seriously. Scenes from intense serious and complex situations quickly move to a sensual and daring material on the screen where the audience loses touch with the characters.

It is right for the makers to show the hidden free spirit with sexual desires, however, some continuous scenes of the series can make one uncomfortable where the story loses its touch which makes the series not watchable with your family. Where there is an absolute beauty. Steals with bold and daring actions that seem exaggerated but don’t go well with the scene or script, and are definitely just for fun, imprisonment, or pleasure.


The chemistry and performance of each character have been on par with Tamannaah Bhatia carrying the entire show with intensity and going above and beyond to do justice to the character of Lavanya from her wedding day. Her chemistry with Sohail Nair as Rishabh Rathore is impeccable and a joy ride to watch.

The on-screen duo of Samvedna Suwalka and Malhar Thakur as Sheetal and Sameer will make you fall in love with all that you lack as their cramped apartment may lack essentials but they are full of love and happiness. is full

Another bold actor as Preet, Anya Singh plays a desperate lone wolf who can sense her ‘right’ in almost every man around her as her desperate comic timing is fun to watch. Then comes the theme of Sayan Banerjee and Hussain Dalal who perfectly fulfil their chemistry full of dignity, respect and love.

Asham Gulati’s entry as Punjabi pop singer AKA Hippy, Arjun Gill, returns from Canada to Mumbai, where his friendship invites a series of miscommunications and complications between the group.

Final decision:

The series is a perfect binge-watch saga where some scenes may strike you and you may find yourself relating to the situations created in the series that have been created in today’s modern dating life. ‘Jee Karda’ tries its best to satisfy you more with love, drama and intensity.

It will remind you of your friends and at one point, you will definitely reminisce about your moments with those closest to you as this series gives you a fresh take on how to deal with complex human emotions and relationships.

IPS in this modern and modern world.


Tamannaah Bhatia, Anya Singh, Asham Gulati, Hussain Dalal, Sohail Nair, Samvidna Suwalka, Malhar Thakur, and Simon Singh.


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