How to implement healthy eating habits at work
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How to implement healthy eating habits at work

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At least one in three American adults is obese, according to the latest data provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

This life-threatening condition is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise and can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Wouldn’t you like to join these unfortunate people?

Avoiding unhealthy snacks and lunches at work is a great start. Here\’s your guide to creating healthy eating habits during work hours.

Proper nutrition starts with a routine

Eating healthy at work starts long before you break your account in the morning. Start by researching healthy options and adding them to your shopping list.

When you have a supply of healthy snacks, it’s a lot easier to plan your meals for the day or week. Stock up on foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds.

You can also suggest your employer to offer these useful products at the vending machines in your office. You are now getting machines that offer a healthier alternative to snacking at work. More information can be found here.

Healthy lunch packaging

Packed lunches curb the temptation to order greasy takeout or satisfy your hunger by having breakfast at work.

A balanced lunch should include a serving of whole grains, fruits or vegetables, and some lean protein. Vegetarians can choose quinoa, beans or tofu instead of lean chicken or fish.

Salad is a great summer meal, especially when it includes lots of dark green leafy vegetables. In winters, homemade vegetable soup with whole grain bread provides all the warm nutrition you need.

When you cook at home, it’s easy to avoid the added salt and sugar found in takeaways and restaurants.

If you’re attending a business lunch at a restaurant, look for healthier dishes on the menu and choose water with your meal.

Some restaurants serve large quantities of food. Ask for doggie bags for leftovers instead of forcing them all to eat.

Avoid overeating at work

Try not to eat at your desk. Instead, focus on the food separately.

This will help you eat until your stomach is full, rather than eating without thinking until you are done.

You should also set aside a few minutes for a healthy breakfast. Ideally, try to have small meals at least three to five times during your work day so that you don’t feel hungry or overeat as soon as possible.

Take your coffee break seriously. Limit your sugar intake and opt for herbal teas over caffeinated drinks.

Regular breaks and nutritious meals will keep you in top shape throughout your workday, reduce fatigue and increase your productivity levels.

Stick to healthy eating habits on an ongoing basis

Eating healthy at work is the first step in changing your diet.

So, stop absent-mindedly munching and start thinking of food as fuel for your body and mind. A carefully crafted healthy meal plan will fulfill all your desires.

Are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle at home and at work? Browse our blog for more food tips to help you establish consistent healthy eating habits.

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