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There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as someone noticing you have alcohol breath and asking you if you’ve been drinking. If you drink frequently, this can be an all-too-common experience, but don’t despair! There are some simple tricks to get rid of alcohol breath that can save your social life and even your job (especially if you’re in certain professions or occupations that require good public image). Here are 7 tips on how to get rid of alcohol breath!

1) Drink a glass of water

Consuming water is an easy fix if you’re trying to get rid of alcohol breath quickly. The water will dilute your saliva, which will help eliminate some of that telltale odor. This quick trick can be especially useful if you need to hide alcohol breath before you head into work in the morning, or if you’re trying not to arouse suspicion while hanging out with friends on a Friday night.

2) Chew gum

Chewing gum after drinking alcohol can help reduce your body’s alcohol absorption rate, which means you’ll be less likely to suffer from morning-after hangovers or smell like booze at work. Plus, it’s an easy way for your friends to detect that you had too much fun when you were out on the town last night. Still have trouble with morning-after breath? Reach for a cup of coffee—chicory is especially helpful in neutralizing booze breath.

3) Use mouthwash

Antibacterial mouthwash is one simple way to mask your breath in a pinch. Because alcohol dries out your saliva, you may have trouble producing enough saliva for proper enzyme function (another important step in getting rid of alcohol breath). This can cause dry mouth, which can make bad breath worse. Many people who drink alcohol on a regular basis develop bad breath because they don’t know how to get rid of beer breath—they assume that it comes with drinking.

4) Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth after drinking, at least before you go to bed or leave your home. This helps get rid of a lot of alcohol breath. Brush your tongue and inside your mouth, too. It’s difficult for others to detect even small traces of alcohol breath on these parts, especially if you have fresh breath from brushing.

5) Eat food/drink something with mint in it

Minty foods and drinks can neutralize alcohol breath and make it harder for others to detect. For instance, you could eat some gum with mint in it after a night of drinking—or grab a glass of water with mint tea. Some foods that are high in mint include green tea, peppermint candy, spearmint gum, peppermint schnapps and peppermint candies.

6) Brush your tongue

Did you know that 80 percent of bad breath is actually caused by what we eat, not what we drink? Beer, wine and cocktails often coat your tongue with a film of food residue after consumption. Brush your teeth and then brush your tongue before bed to get rid of pesky odor-causing build up.

7) Suck on cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon has long been known for its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, and it’s an easy way to kill off those pesky little microbes that give you beer breath. Once you’ve gotten rid of those microbes, make sure you brush your teeth a second time with toothpaste (and floss!) in order to prevent bacteria from forming again—especially if you plan on having another drink later.

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