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Telegram users can always delete their account, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. You can follow this step by step guide to delete your Telegram account, removing all your data from the cloud once and for all. With Telegram, you have to take some extra steps before you’re able to delete your account, as well as follow some procedures after you’ve deleted it to make sure there are no traces of your Telegram data left in the cloud. These steps will help prevent others from accessing your personal information if they try to sign up with the same phone number you used with Telegram.

Open the main menu

If you’re using an Android device, it’s very easy to find. If you’re on iPhone, you might want to check out our iPad or iPhone instructions. To get started, open up Telegram and tap on More options (the three vertical dots at top right). Scroll down until you see Settings & Privacy (or select it in More Options). Under Privacy and Security, choose Account Settings.

Select Privacy and Security

Click Privacy and Security on the left side of your home screen. Scroll down until you see Delete My Account (on mobile). Click Settings. You’ll need to log out of Telegram before proceeding. Next, scroll down and click Delete My Account again.

Go to Delete my Account

The first step is to go directly to Telegram’s Delete my Account page, and follow its instructions. Once you’ve submitted an email address, you will receive an email at that address which must be confirmed in order for your deletion request to be processed. This confirmation is required only once—if you use Gmail, however, it might take some time before you receive it. So give it some time before calling foul play on Google!

Click on Delete my Account

The first step is easy – just click on Delete my Account. This will take you to another page, where you’ll have an option of removing all your personal information from Telegram servers and destroying all records about you. However, in order to finish deleting your account for good, we need more time. So please wait until April 30th, when all users will be automatically logged out and their accounts deleted unless they log back in before that date.

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