Google celebrated its 25th birthday

Search engine giant Google celebrated its 25th birthday on September 27 by remembering the various logos it has created over two decades. “At Google we’re focused on the future, but birthdays are also a time for reflection,” the blog post said.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, doctoral students who met in Stanford University’s computer science program in the late 90s, shared a similar vision of making the World Wide Web a more accessible place.

The two worked tirelessly in their dorm rooms to develop a prototype of a better search engine. As the project made significant progress, he moved his work to Google’s first office, a rented garage. According to a blog post, Google Inc. Was officially born on September 27, 1998.

Google emphasizes that a lot has changed since 1998, including the logo seen in today’s graffiti, but its mission to “organize the world’s information, making it accessible and useful” remains the same. where did it go.

The company thanked them for “growing with our users over the past 25 years” and said, “We look forward to seeing where the future takes us.”

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