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The world has once again been shaken by the new wave of Corona. The infection has started spreading rapidly in many countries including China, Japan, Brazil, America. In China alone, more than 800 million people are expected to be affected by the infection within the next three months, while more than a million deaths are also expected. According to a report, more than 10 percent of the world\’s population may be infected within the next three months.

In such a situation, the risk of infection has increased even within India. Seeing the increasing cases around the world, the central government has come into action. It is being said that in the next few days the government may again implement some rules, which will be mandatory for everyone to follow. Let\’s understand what preparations the government has made to prevent Corona?

What laws can the government enforce?

To understand this, we spoke to an official from the Union Health Ministry. He said, \’Now we are ready to deal with every situation of Corona. There is not much danger in India now but still we should take all precautions as a precaution. In view of this, we are considering re-implementation of the Covid protocol.

1. Masks may be made mandatory again in public places:

In view of the increasing cases of Corona, it may be made mandatory to wear masks again in public places. Especially for those who have symptoms of Corona. For example, it will be mandatory for people to wear masks in case of cough, cold or any kind of viral infection.

2. Social distancing rules will have to be followed:

After the reduced cases of Corona, people also stopped following the social distancing rules. Now again it can be strictly enforced.

3. Random Testing at Airports, Railway Stations and Bus Stands:

The process of random corona testing can be started at all major airports including Delhi, Mumbai. Special attention will be paid to the investigation of those who are returning from Corona-affected countries. Such people will be screened and if they are found to be infected, genome sequencing will be done and other covid protocols will be followed. Similarly, preparations are underway to start random testing at railway stations and bus stands.

4. Booster dose will be accelerated:

So far more than 23 crore people have been given booster dose of corona vaccine. Now the government is focusing on increasing its number rapidly. Arrangements will be made so that as many people as possible can receive booster doses.

5. Commencement of Genome Sequencing:

The process of genome sequencing has been resumed in several labs in the country. Samples of corona patients are brought here and checked to see if any new version of the infection has come or not. So that steps can be taken for timely rescue.

6. Focus on testing, tracing and treatment:

In order to prevent the increase of corona cases in India, the government has decided to focus on testing, tracing and treatment formula. Accordingly, more people will be tested and if someone is found to be infected with Corona, most of the people who come in contact with him will be tested. Along with this, Corona patients will be treated in time.

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