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The collaboration between Balaji Telefilms and T-Series “Ek Villain Returns” did not live up to expectations. Looking at the premiere day of the film, it seems that the box office of the film is going to be quite tough. The prospects are not good for the film’s director Mohit Suri as his previous three films failed at the box office. At the same time, this film can create problems for the two main stars of the film, Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham. If this film does not work, it will be Arjun Kapoor’s fifth consecutive failure. John Abraham’s last four films also flopped.

It earned only 6 crores on the first day

Director Mohit Suri made his new film “Ek Villain Returns” with four characters who have no life. Everyone is trying to be the villain in their own story, so the movie-going audience has to go through a lot of effort to keep the end of the story connected. A Villain Returns, which was released with a production and promotion cost of around Rs 80 crore, was originally only Rs 6 crore. This figure is not good news for both the film’s hero and its director.

Mohit Suri’s last three films were flops

Mohit Suri’s last three films Maling, Half Girlfriend, Hamari Adhuri Kahani were flops. Maling (2020) earned only Rs 58.99 crore, Half A Girl (2017) earned Rs 60.30 crore and Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015) earned only Rs 34.43 crore. Mohit’s latest hit is ‘Ek Villain’ which earned Rs 105.62 crore in 2014. Now if even A Villain Returns fails to earn at least 80 crores at the box office, then the film will be considered a flop.

After John’s “House of Batla”, all his films failed.

John Abraham’s last successful film was Batla House which released in 2019. All four of his films released since then failed to earn even five crore rupees at the box office. John’s previous film Attack Part 1 (2022) collected a total of Rs 16.13 crore at the box office. Satya Mayo Jeete (2021) earned Rs 13.26 crore. The film Mumbai Saga was released during the Corona epidemic in the country and earned a total of Rs 16.53 crore at the box office. Apart from this, the 2019 release Pugalpanti also flopped at the box office earning Rs 33.01 crore.

Arjun Kapoor’s career is also in danger.

The work on Ek Villain Returns is considered very important for Arjun Kapoor. His four films released before this line were flops. Arjun’s film “Sandeep Aur Pinky Farar” released in March 2021 earned only 35 lakhs. Earlier, the historical drama film Panipat (2019) also earned Rs 34.28 crore at the box office. Arjun’s other 2019 release India’s Most Wanted also managed to earn only Rs 11.90 crore.

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