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Vikrant Rona Movie Review: The film is full of suspense and thriller and Kichha Sudeep has given a stellar performance in it.

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Movie : Vikrant Rona

Starcast: Kicha Sudeep, Neeta Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez

Director : Anoop Bhandari

Producer: Zee Studios and Salman Khan Films

Cinematographer: William David

Ratings : 3/5

Vikrant Rona Review: After Kajiv, everyone\’s interest in Kannada films has increased. Vikrant Rona is one such movie in which Sudeep is the protagonist. This film, which has been in discussion for several days, has also been released in Telugu.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review: After Kajiv, everyone\’s interest in Kannada films has increased. Vikrant Rona is one such movie in which Sudeep is the protagonist. This film, which has been in discussion for several days, has also been released in Telugu. How is Vikrant Rona which turned out to be a visual wonder.. did this film impress the audience or not..? Let\’s see all this in the review..

A town named Kumaratu.. Many children are killed in this town. In the same village, a police inspector has also been murdered and hanged in a ruined well. At such times, Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) takes over as the inspector of this town. As soon as he arrives, he starts his work. After starting the investigation, it will be known who is killing, why and what is their motive. In the process, he learns some shocking truths. A few years later, in the same village, the family of a person named Nithoni was beaten up by the villagers on the pretext of stealing temple jewellery. The whole family of Nithoni died under the burden of this shame. Everyone thinks that their spirits are killing the children in the village. On the other hand, the eldest son of the village, Sanju (Narup Bandri), who ran away from home in childhood, comes to the village after many years. He falls in love with Pannu (Neeta Ashok). What is the relationship between their love and the murder of this city.. The story is how Vikrant Rona solved the case..



No money needed to make a pan India film… Great story. It would not be right to make unnecessary ruckus about whether a star hero has been found or not. The same happened with Vikrant Rona\’s film. To make a very short story.. was adapted and filmed pan India. After watching the entire movie, every viewer will doubt that why this story has such a huge budget? The film is similar to the monster that came four years later. It is a revenge drama written by director Anoop, which connects a very small thing that happened in The Flash to the current story. If not, they tried to make it very luxurious and a visual feast. Accordingly, the script falters at several places. The truth is that even after watching the whole movie, you don\’t understand the story. The screenplay is the culmination of confusion. There seems to be many flaws. What did the director think..how did he want to present him on screen..how he finally presented him..everything gets lost in the story. After watching the climax..thinking about it for half an hour, it feels like a fairytale. I don\’t understand why this story has so many visual effects. Strange voices come in the suspense film.. so it is not a suspense thriller. Some people look like ghosts.. no explanation why they are there. Sudeep made me want to do this film, a pan-India film. Director Anoop Bhandari spent a lot on the short story. There is not a single interesting point in this movie.. Also the story is very slow and not interesting. The director, who said that the entire family died at the age of 28, could not hide the suspense till the end. It seems that the story is losing its grip from time to time. The story gets lost during the interval.. Try to stop it even if you try the second half.. When it reaches the climax, it means nothing.


Not to mention Kecha Sudeep\’s performance. Vikrant Rona\’s character is amazing.. He put his life in this character. Also, its dubbing feels something special. Narup Bandri also did well in another important role. Neeta Ashok looked very glamorous. Senior actor Madhusudan Rao is very good. Everything else is fine.

Technical team:

Vikrant Rona looks like a technician. Especially the cinematography is very good. Otherwise Kannada directors are thinking of making films in the dark after Kajiv. Something similar was seen in this too. The editing felt bad. Some scenes were too slow. The sound effects are good.. Ajneesh Loknath\’s music is good.. Rara Rakhma is superb. Background score is also good. Director Anoop Bhandari seems fine with the story, but seems to have got confused when he wanted to make it so big. The short story got a lot of publicity and went nowhere.

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