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World Physiotherapy Day: Know in which problems physiotherapy is effective

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In the past few years, due to unhealthy lifestyle, the problem of muscle and joint pain is increasing rapidly among people. The knowledge is that at this time young people are also troubled by many types of pain problems. The number of patients suffering from back, back and knee pain has increased rapidly. Treatment requires long-term medication and supportive therapy. But did you know that with the help of physiotherapy, the problem of acute pain can be easily cured without drugs? The demand for this alternative medicine has grown rapidly in recent years.

Today is World Physiotherapy Day, a special day celebrated on September 8 every year since 1996 to raise awareness about this medical practice. It is claimed that arthritis, frozen shoulder, back pain and even paralysis can be easily solved by this therapy.

Let\’s know what problems can be relieved by physiotherapy without drugs?

World Physiotherapy 2022

The theme of World Physiotherapy 2022 is Prevention and Management of Osteoarthritis. We contacted Dr. Zohaib Qazi, a physiotherapist in Lucknow, to find out about this special discipline. He explains that physiotherapy can not only treat all types of arthritis problems but also improve the quality of life through this treatment.

Muscle weakness, loss of flexibility and severe pain have been observed in patients with osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy helps to correct his symptoms through a coordinated exercise program. In addition to improving symptoms, strength training can also be beneficial in increasing joint strength.

Physiotherapy is helpful in controlling pain.

Physiotherapy has many benefits, explains Dr. Zohaib. It works as a treatment for certain conditions and helps in pain management. Physiotherapy can also be beneficial to speed recovery after injury or surgery. Along with aiding recovery from conditions such as stroke and paralysis, improving body balance, range of motion and posture, and many other conditions can benefit from this therapy.

You can get many benefits from physiotherapy.

Dr. Johaib explains that along with proper diagnosis of the condition, if the knee, muscle pain is helped by physiotherapy, the problem can be cured from the root even without the help of drugs. Physiotherapy can be beneficial in many ways.
Helpful in relieving bone and muscle pain.
In some cases, physiotherapy may even help you avoid surgery.
Overall strength and body coordination can be improved.
Physiotherapy is a form of therapy to reduce dependence on drugs.
Its benefits have also been seen in improving cardiovascular function and lung capacity.
It is the most effective method in the management of sports related injury.
It can also be beneficial in maintaining better fitness which deteriorates with age.

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