What is the Certificate Number in 10th Marksheet?
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What is the Certificate Number in 10th Marksheet?

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The Certificate Number in 10th Marksheet is a unique identification number assigned to a student’s academic certificate by the respective educational board. This number serves as a reference number for the certificate and is used to track and verify the authenticity of the document. It is an essential piece of information required for various purposes such as applying for higher education, employment, or any other official documentation.

The Certificate Number is usually printed on the mark sheet along with other important details, including the student’s name, roll number, date of birth, subject-wise marks obtained, and the overall percentage or grade achieved. It is important to keep the Certificate Number safe and secure, as it plays a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of the mark sheet. Educational boards use various security features to prevent the production of fake documents, and the Certificate Number helps in cross-referencing the mark sheet with the board’s records to ensure its authenticity.

What number is on the 10th grade mark sheet for the certificate?

The 10th grade mark sheet has two numbers on it. The serial number is one, while the enrollment number is the other. The upper left corner of the mark sheet has the serial number, while the upper right corner contains the enrollment number.

In the left-hand corner of your imprint sheet, you will find the serial number of the CBSE-printed, area-divided mark sheets, which is written as S. No. – xxxxxxx.

A certification number is a special combination of letters and numbers that is assigned by a shellfish control position to a molluscan shellfish vendor in accordance with the arrangements of the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

A Certificate Number is a unique number assigned to each and every Certificate of Inspection that is issued. Before the two-letter state reduced form and the two-letter picture designating the type of activity assured, there was a one to five-digit number.

Where can I find the certificate number?

The certificate number, a serial number, can be found in the upper left corner.

Why is the certificate number on the tenth grade report card required?

As has been stated numerous times before, the certificate for the tenth standard is crucial. Almost all professions require this credential. Another crucial parameter that has great influence is the certificate number.

To confirm the veracity of the information you supply, they compare your marks with your certificate number in several government jobs, like the army, navy, and others.

This number also assists some officials in verifying the validity of your entire person and your address evidence. The key to protecting thoroughly in order to succeed in life is this certificate and the associated number.


Certificate Number in 10th Marksheet is an essential piece of information that helps to verify the authenticity of a student’s academic certificate and is required for various official purposes. It is crucial to keep the certificate number safe and secure to avoid any loss or damage to the document.

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