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Smartphones are a key essential in our daily life. The recent number of global smartphone users also proves it. Accordingly a report, in 2022 there are 6.64 billion smartphones used by people. 

All these big billions are not manufactured by a single brand. There are tons of smartphone brands around the world. Some big names are available there and some local manufacturers also gain some good sales.

Today’s post is all about those top smartphone brands that deliver us the best smartphones through the years.  

These top consumers fulfill dynamically changed consumer demand by bringing extremely good-featured smartphones.

We generate a list of the top 5 smartphone brands that dominate the smartphone markets. The list also helps you to know about the smartphone brands better.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s start the full post. 

What Parameters Helps Us to Determine the List?

There are no such brands that remain in the same position in the smartphone market. Sales are increasing when any company releases a new phone.

When we make the list we observed several parameters such as brand value, market share, etc. Each of the parameters is interconnected with one another. 

Here is the name of three parameters that we follow for creating the list:

Brand Value

Brand value is one of the key aspects when you want to find out the top brands of a product. The brand value puts a direct impact on the sale of smartphones. 

We also follow the rule. We research ourselves to find out the top brands that hold a huge value of their name.  All the names we found were popular among the users. 

Market Share

Market share is another principal parameter of choosing the best smartphones. Some manufacturers capture a great market share and it is possible for their brand value. We analyzed the market share of every manufacturer from quarter 1, 2020.

Total Unit Sales in 2022

The most important aspect is to determine the list of brands. After all, everything is dependent on sales. 

Unlike, other products smartphones\’ brand value is also dependent on sales. To find out the top smartphones brand of 2022 we followed the sales report from the first quarter of 2022. 

Top 5 Smartphone Brands of 2022

Here is the list of the top 5 smartphone brands around the world:

  • Samsung 
  • Apple 
  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo 
  • Vivo
  • Samsung


Brand Value: USD 87.7 billion

Market Share (Since 2020): 20.125% 

Total Unit Sales In 2022(till Q2): 136 million units

Samsung is a South Korean top-tier global smartphone manufacturing company. The rise of Samsung smartphones was back in early 2010. 

When they started to produce Android operating system-based smartphones, Samsung became the market leader in the huge market of smartphones around the world. It happened because of their extensive amount of sales. 

Samsung constructs all kinds of smartphones. They produce entry-level smartphones as well as mid-budget smartphones, known as the flagship killer. If you search for premium flagships, Samsung appears with the finest flagships.

Galaxy S & Galaxy Note is the two flagship series of Samsung.  These flagships come with spectacular features and fulfill the user experience in every aspect. 

Whether it may be camera appearance, smooth performance, and mega battery life. Apart from the flagships Galaxy F, Galaxy M, and Galaxy A are the popular budget-friendly phone series from Samsung. 

  • Apple 


Brand Value: USD 482.1 billion 

Market Share (Since 2020): 16.75%

Total Unit Sales In 2022(till Q2): 105.5 million units

Apple is the biggest brand in the world. Apple is familiar with everybody for its premium quality of products and services. Apple entered the smartphone market in 2007 with its first phone called iPhone. 

Then it becomes history after that Apple astonished us with a series of iPhones. Every time, Apple comes with a better and improved version of the iPhone. 

Unlike other products, Apple only produces flagship phones. They have a very specific customer base who loves premium quality. 

Though iPhone seems pretty expensive it is worth the money with its stunning features and gorgeous outlook.

The latest iPhone is the 14 series iPhones. The series consists of 4 phones: iPhone 14, 14 Plus & iPhone 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. 

Apple gets a groundbreaking response with the 14 series. It is possible for superior performance in every aspect. Whether it is a camera or the supersmooth iOS.

  • Xiaomi


Brand Value: USD 24.885 billion

Market Share (Since 2020): 13%

Total Unit Sales In 2022(till Q2): 78.5 million units

Xiaomi is a popular smartphone brand from china founded in 2010 and released its first smartphone in 2011 named Xiaomi Mi 1. 

From that day on, it consequently climbed the stair of success and gained a huge share of the smartphone market.  

Xiaomi gets user acceptance for two reasons. They reduce the price of Android smartphones and give the best performance. 

They got huge popularity in 2013 and the legacy continues. Xiaomi gets a huge market share in China, besides that they capture a huge market in south Asia and South America. 

Especially India and Brazil, largely populated countries with huge numbers of smartphone users.

Xiaomi has three popular categories of smartphones Mi, Redmi, and Poco. In every series, every kind of phone is available. 

From entry-level phones to mid-level flagship killers everything is available. Recently,  Xiaomi entered the flagship market with some awesome flagships. For game lovers, Xiaomi has a series of gaming phones under the subbrand Blackshark. 

  • Oppo


Brand Value:  USD 24.64 billion

Market Share (Since 2020): 9.625%

Total Unit Sales In 2022(till Q2): 59.1 million units

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone brand, that gained the crown of Chinese bestseller also globally popular.  Oppo is a brand under Chinese electronic giant BBK electronics. Oppo along with its subsidiaries: Realme and OnePlus, captures almost 10% of the global smartphone market. 

Find, Reno and A are the popular series names from Oppo phone. They have some best entry-level phones as well as flagship and mid-budget phones. 

Oppo phones are most popular for their camera quality. The performance of oppo phones is also satisfying. Realme and OnePlus also put their name among the users with some extraordinary phones. 

  • Vivo


Brand Value: USD 23.9 billion

Market Share (Since 2020): 8.875%

Total Unit Sales In 2022(till Q2): 50.3 million units

Vivo is another popular phone venture of BBK electronics. They also capture a huge share of the Chinese smartphone market with their budget-friendly smartphones. 

Apart from China, they also try to capture the south Asian smartphone market, especially the Indian market. 

To make it happen, they have some business strategies and extensive advertising plans. 

With Vivo’s popular and budget-friendly V, Y, and X series it captures almost 9% of the global smartphone market share. 

Vivo comes with every category of phone. It has a super budget-friendly smartphone as well as flagships with super smooth performance in every aspect.  

Some Honorable Mentions

We list the recent top five smartphone brands through the post. But we mentioned earlier in the article that the smartphone market never remains in a constant position. 


Back in early 2010, the list was completely different. There were some other names on the list. 

Here we try to remember those famous names though they still exist in the market but not in the same position that they were before. 

  • Nokia: Once upon a time Nokia captured half of the share of mobile phone markets. But in early 2010 they fall from the position.
  • Huawei:  The giant Chinese brand which almost surpassed Samsung but fallout from the top because of its conflict with Google. 

   HTC:  The first Android phone manufacturer, now lose its popularity.

  • Sony:  Japanese mega Electronics Company, they are popular for the camera quality of the phone but manufacture in small quantities. 
  • Motorola: A popular smartphone brand now trying to capture its old fame. 
  • Blackberry: They released some advanced gadgets back in 2000 but now lost their path.


It’s time to wrap up the post, throughout the article; I try to discuss the best smartphone brands that have gained popularity among users. 

I will be satisfying as a writer, if you get some idea about the smartphone market after reading. That’s all for today folks, never forget to put your opinion on the post via comments

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