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An important first step after suffering from monkeypox. According to experts, the main symptom is that you may have the virus. The number of cases in the United States has reached 700.

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Experts say that the cases of monkey pox are increasing. It is important to recognize the symptoms immediately and consult a doctor.

Naveen Khosla is a NiceRx medical writer. The most common symptoms are high fever, muscle aches, swollen glands, fatigue and chills, he told Central Recorder.

\”If you think you may have monkeypox, it\’s important that you isolate yourself, call your doctor, and describe your symptoms,\” Khosla said.

\”They will tell you the next steps and what you need to do to stop the virus from spreading to other people.\”

Khosla said that many people are already wary of any physical abnormality or symptoms that may be related to the corona virus.

With more than 700 US cases reported this week, monkeypox symptoms need to be addressed.

Unlike cod, monkeypox takes longer to spread and symptoms are less severe. According to a renowned medical author, monkey packs have not yet been linked to a single death.

\”Although cases of monkeypox are increasing in the United States, it is a rare disease and most people with the virus usually have mild symptoms that last two to four weeks,\” he said.

Some fear that this global pandemic may become Covid 2.0. But Holsa says that is not the case.

\”Unlike Covid 19, the symptoms of monkey pox are mild and the number of cases around the world has been very low, so we anticipate that monkey pox will not have the same impact as the Covid 19 pandemic,\” he said.

It is important to follow the warning signs so that the spread can be controlled and slowed.

He described the main symptoms as high fever and muscle pain.
tremors, fatigue, glands

It is usually transmitted by humans and animals.

\”It is important for people to avoid contact with sick people,\” Holsa said.

\”Don\’t share sheets, towels and other things with them.

\”It can spread rapidly throughout the body, and itching usually dissipates within 24 hours and is concentrated on the face, arms, and legs.\”


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