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Why Noida Supertech\’s 300 crore twin tower has been demolished? know the details

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Twin Towers Demolition: The 103 meter high twin towers built in Sector-93A of Noida have been demolished. In just 9 to 12 seconds, both the buildings of the twin towers above the Qutub Minar collapsed. In the blink of an eye, dust and smoke spread all around and the building turned into rubble.

3,700 kg of explosives were used in 9,640 holes to bring down the twin towers. During the demolition, teams from police to NDRF and fire brigade were present at the spot. Along with this, water tankers were also arranged to prevent air pollution and anti-smog guns were also installed.

On the direction of the Supreme Court, the twin towers of Supertech Emerald Court in Sector 93A were demolished after the blast. The grounding of the Twin Towers sent a cloud of dust several meters high.

Just in time with the sound of the sirens, the Supertech Twin Towers exploded and within seconds the skyscrapers collapsed to the ground. Clouds of dust spread far and wide with the sound of an explosion.

As the Twin Towers fell, debris flew into the air along with smoke. Fragments of rocks along with mud have spread on the ground and pollution has increased in the surrounding areas.

The twin tower building, which is higher than the Qutub Minar, completely collapsed in just 60 seconds due to the action and explosion. Point out that Emerald Court in Noida Sector-93A, where the tower was located, had already been sealed.

According to DCP (Central Noida) Rajesh S, tight security arrangements were made before the twin towers were demolished. About 560 police personnel, 100 reserve force personnel, 4 quick response teams and an NDRF team were deployed. 7 CCTV cameras were installed in the Instant Command Center.

The collapse of the twin towers is estimated to have released about 55,000 to 80,000 tons of debris. It can take up to 3 months to be removed. There is a possibility of increased pollution in Noida and Delhi-NCR due to dust particles emitted from it.

According to Mahesh Palwat, vice-president of Skymet Weather, the dust from the demolition of the twin towers could spread to Sectors 126, 137, 26, 93B, 91, Advent IT Park, 142 and Chhaproli 1 at dangerous levels. In such a situation, people need to take precautionary measures to avoid pollution.

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