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Who was Chandrashekhar Guruji, popularly known as Sarle Vastu, who was stabbed to death in a hotel in Karnataka

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Who is Chandra Shekhar Guruji: Sirle Vastu Fame Chandra Shekhar Guruji was killed. Chandra Shekhar Guruji was a Vastu specialist and social worker.

Chandra Shekhar Guruji, commonly known as Sirle Vastu, was stabbed to death in the Hubli district of Karnataka. Chandra Shekhar Guruji was killed in a prominent hotel and the incident was also caught on CCTV. According to reports, CCTV footage shows two men stabbing a hotel receptionist. As you can see in the video, as soon as the attackers attacked Chandra Shekhar Guruji, people fled. It is said that the child of the Guruji family died in Hubli three days ago, which is why he came here.

Chandra Shekhar Guruji Vastu was very famous in the world and he was famous for Sirla Vastu. So we know who Chandra Shekhar Guruji is and why he was famous.

According to Chandra Shekhar Guruji Sirle Vastu website, Guruji is also known as Mano Guru. Chandra Shekhar Guruji was born in Bagalkot, Karnataka. It is said that he was involved in social work from childhood and aspired to serve the nation. According to the website, at the age of 16, he wanted to join the army, but was not selected because he did not meet the required criteria. He then taught them to take the step towards public service. Speaking of studies, he came to Mumbai in 1989 after graduating as a civil engineer.

Worked for a construction company.

He then started working for a construction company and later opened his own company. His company was doing well, but since 1999 he has faced many problems. He then shifted his focus from business to Vastu. In fact, while building his business, he noticed that many people’s houses were built incorrectly. He then went to Singapore to study Vastu. Then he came to Mumbai and started his work here.

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