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Suryakumar Yadav is one of the trump cards of the Indian team in the World T20 starting in Australia next month. He had an exclusive chat with our partner The Times of India as he left for Mohali for the T20 series against Australia starting on September 20. During this time, Surya made several interesting revelations on body language, innovation and exemplary batting.

Question: Apart from watching videos, how do you prepare before a match? Do you like to play a certain number of balls into the net during a match?
Answer: For the past four years I have followed a schedule that has benefited me greatly. I take a day off before the match. I only practice two days before the match. The day before yesterday, I didn\’t even talk about cricket. I only spend time with my wife. Whether I am playing well or not, my wife always supports me. He has put a word in my mind that I have to remain as I was before.

Question: When a bowler is in the run-up, when do you decide which shot to play?
Answer: The number I bat at allows me to see all the bowlers and it helps me plan when I sit in the dugout. When I go into the field, I only have to cut plans. I fall asleep watching videos of the opposing bowlers the day before the game. And think how I will play.

Question: Your debut in Motera, century in Nottingham, half-century in St Kitts, or half-century in Jaipur vs New Zealand? Which innings is more special to you?
Answer: Debut in Motera will always be my favourite. Because we won in this match. The recent innings against West Indies in St Kitts as well as the innings against New Zealand in Jaipur last year are close to my heart as we won all the matches. If we had won in Nottingham too, that match would have been my favourite.

Question: What is your favorite with the bat? How much is your weight? Do you change between shifts?
Answer: I don\’t like to change the bat during an innings. There is no fixed beat. who i play with I am not the type of player to walk out with the bat after making a 50 or a century in the last match. I only have three or four bats, because I don\’t want to get confused. My bat weighs between 1.5-1.6 kg. I have played a lot of street cricket with rubber balls on the cement road in my colony. The bowlers used to play tricks. He used to throw the ball fast. One side of the boundary was 90-95 meters and the other 45 meters. All those scopes, uppercuts, fluxes were learned by observing the dimensions of the earth there. I never practiced those shots in front of the bowling machine. It\’s all in my muscle memory.

Question: T20 WC to be played on Australia\’s bouncy pitch. Any special shots or special training for tournaments?

Answer: This will be my first tour to Australia, but I have spoken a lot with Rohit, especially after the England series. I am learning a lot about pitch and ball behavior. I love playing on the fast track. I think my game is suited to quick and bouncy wickets. The challenge will be the size of the field. We need to be careful there. I am preparing accordingly and trying to take more shots in front of the wicket. Hopefully I\’ll get them into the game.

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