The CNBC report claimed that Sundar Pichai asked employees to “create a culture that is more mission-driven, more focused on our products, more customer-focused. And performance.”

The news comes just days after Google reported that the second quarter of 2022 was “weaker than expected” in terms of earnings and revenue, similar to the first quarter. The software giant reported 13% less growth in the quarter compared to last year, the source said.

Most recently, the search giant wants to “review staffing needs and agree on a new set of priority staffing requests for the next three months.” This suggests that the company may soon lay off some employees for efficiency and productivity, lack of skills and of course, to save money.

The announcement came just weeks after the company said it would slow down the recruitment process, which will reportedly run through the end of the year. Many big tech companies have either laid off hundreds of employees or slowed hiring for fear of the storm of recession.

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