MOD Agniveer Recruitment Scheme 2022: Recruitment will start in 90 days for 46000 posts of Agniveer
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MOD Agniveer Recruitment Scheme 2022: Recruitment will start in 90 days for 46000 posts of Agniveer

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Ministry of Defense Agneepath Agniveer Recruitment Scheme 2022

The central government introduced Agneepath Agniveer Recruitment Scheme for the recruitment of inactive for the Indian Army. Completing the data according to Agnit. 40,000 recruitments in 1 year. The name of these mysterious Agni Veer has been lost. Youth should serve in the army for 4 years. In the recruitment to be done on the basis of solution, ₹ 30000 pension which became ₹ 40000 by the year. Tax free service of 11.71 lakhs also on time service. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday announced Agneepath after the defense insect. Recruitment will be applicable on All India Selection.

The Defense Minister said that due to the radical change in the recruitment process, the recruitment of soldiers will be initially for 4 years, but about 25% of the better performers will be further regularized in the army. The Defense Minister said that after 4 years, these jawans will be in a healthy physical and mental condition and with modern technical skills, they will be ready for their better contribution to different parts of the society. Young women will also be recruited in the Air Force and Navy. The scheme, known as the Tour of Duty, was revived under the new name of Agneepath with the chiefs of the three services in attendance. The new scheme was announced after extensive deliberations when the recruitments were halted during the Corona period.


10th pass or 12th pass. The youth who will pass 10th will also be given 12th pass certificate after 4 years. Aside from this, enrollment will likewise be finished for ITI pass applicants.

Age Range

Candidate age should be between 17 years 6 months to 21 years.

Air Force Agneepath Scheme 2022

Selection Process

The nomination of the candidate will be for 4 years, the army’s selection process will be followed, centralized and transparent evaluation will be done on the basis of 4 years service in merit. 25% on the basis of further chance assessment: 25% will be selected for further 15 years remaining 75% will be service built with economic and attractive package. Preference will be given to Agni Veers in Central Ministry jobs in the state.

FAQ’s Agnipath Agniveer Recruitment Scheme 2022

Question 1. What is Agniveer?

Answer. In simple words, the Agnipath Scheme has been started for the youth who want to join the army in our country. Through Agneepath conspire, the young people of the nation will actually want to enlist in the military for quite a long time. Under the Agnipath Scheme, all the youth who are recruited in any of the three armies of the country will be called Agniveer.

Question 2. What should be the age of the candidate to become Agniveer?

Answer. To become Agniveer, the age of the candidate should be between 17.5 years to 23 years.

Question 3. How will the candidate be selected in the army to become Agniveer?

Answer. Army will organize a special recruitment rally and campus interviews will be conducted to select the candidates to become Agniveer.

Question 4. What will be the educational qualification of the candidate to become Agniveer?

Answer. To apply for Agniveer Recruitment, the candidate should have passed 12th from any stream.

Question 5. How much amount will be given to the soldiers who are recruited in the Agniveer army, who are out of the army after 4 years?

Answer. The service fund of Rs 11.71 lakh will also be given to the soldiers who join the Agniveer army after 4 years, on which no tax will be levied. ,

Question 6. What will Agniveer do after 4 years out of the army?

Answer. Of the Agniveers who are out of the army after 4 years, 25% will be regularized in the army while 75% will be out. The Home Ministry has announced that they will be given priority in the CAPFs and Assam Rifles. The UP and Uttarakhand governments have also talked about giving priority to the state police. After four years, he will also have a bank balance of Rs 11.7 lakh. Which they can use for further work.

Question 7. The notification of the old recruitment came for 20 years of service. Written, physical, medical everything will happen, pls also came, what will happen now?

Answer. All old processes will no longer proceed. All recruitment will be done under Agneepath and there will be a recruitment rally in 90 days. You have to apply under Agneepath only.

Question 8. Waiting for Airforce Enrollment List for two years, what next?

Answer. There will be nothing further in the old recruitment process, now all recruitment will be under Agnipath, Army, Navy and Airforce will be recruited.

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