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IPL Commentary in Bhojpuri

With the beginning of the 16th season of Indian Premier League ie IPL, a different enthusiasm is being seen among the cricket lovers. Everyone is eager to see their favorite team play on the field. The OTT broadcasting rights during this season are with Jio Cinema. Apart from this, the funny thing about the season is that the viewers are getting to hear the commentary of the matches in 12 Indian languages, including Bhojpuri language. Apart from actor Ravi Kishan, known for his commentary in Bhojpuri, many other people remain in the team. People are liking Bhojpuri commentary very much. So let’s know about this.

Ravi Kishan’s Bhojpuri commentary

Ravi Kishan has always been making headlines for his Bhojpuri work. Apart from this, he is also a big part of Bhojpuri films. In such a situation, the cricket commentary in his mouth in Bhojpuri language is attracting people towards him. Even on social media people are talking about his commentary. Not only this, the actor himself has also posted a video from his social media handle.

A new language in cricket commentary

The cricket commentary was only in Hindi and English language for the people of Hindi belt i.e. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar. (Bhojpuri commentary in IPL 2023) But this time it has been brought in Bhojpuri language as well. Due to this, a large population of Hindi belt is getting interested in listening to third language commentary.

Bhojpuri commentator name in IPL 2023


commentator profession
Ravi Kishan actor and politician
Mohammad Kaif railway player
Ghulam Hussain creative director
Satya Prakash bhojpuri actor
Shiv Singh ranji players
Vishal Aditya Singh bhojpuri actor
Kunal Aditya Singh bhojpuri actor
Sneha Upadhyay singer
dimple singh actress


Ravi Kishan did Bhojpuri commentary for the first time

A large number of people like Bhojpuri cinema’s super star Ravi Kishan. Not only here, because of his spot-on response, people from all over India follow him. (Bhojpuri commentary in IPL 2023) Many Hindi speaking people also know him. In such a situation, people like to hear cricket commentary from the mouth of a movie star like Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan is doing live cricket commentary for the first time for an OTT.

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